Certificate in Historic Preservation

SAIC Historic Preservation Students

A Certificate in Historic Preservation is available to students pursuing any of the four Master of Architecture options. The five-course sequence provides architects with a working knowledge of historic preservation research, documentation, material conservation, and practice.

Students bring their design training abilities to the service of preservation through studio projects that focus on the adaptive re-use, rehabilitation, or preservation of a historic structure or structures. In addition, students complete an internship in preservation at an architectural office or other agency. They may also enroll in a study trip.

The certificate program meets the minimum standards and guidelines promulgated by the National Council for Preservation Education and is consistent with current standards for architectural education being reviewed nationwide by the American Institute of Architects' Historic Resources Committee.

For more information about SAIC's historic preservation curriculum, see the Master of Science in Historic Preservation website.

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Visit the graduate admissions website or contact the graduate admissions office at 800.232.7242 or gradmiss@saic.edu.