The Sculpture department's distinguished faculty are nationally and internationally renowned artists, fully involved in the exploration and re-examination of the field. They are well versed in contemporary theoretical debates, and are committed to building a diverse, exciting environment for the exchange of ideas and the production of culture.

Explore the faculty profiles below to learn more about the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's renowned Sculpture faculty.



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Daniel Gordon Baird
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Chris Thomas Bradley
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Stephanie Brooks
View profile sbrook@saic.edu
Juan Angel Chavez
View profile jchavez1@saic.edu
Lindsey Dorr-Niro
View profile ldorr@saic.edu
Elena Ailes
View profile eailes@saic.edu
Elizabeth Cote
View profile ecote@saic.edu
Danny Floyd
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Kelly F. Kaczynski
View profile kkaczynski@saic.edu
Rebecca Keller
View profile rkeller@saic.edu
Nicholas Lowe
View profile nlowe1@saic.edu
Paul Martin
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Jordan Martins
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Matt Morris
View profile mmorris12@saic.edu
Dylan Palmer
View profile dpalme1@saic.edu
Cheryl Virginia Pope
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Laura L Prieto-Velasco
View profile lpriet1@saic.edu
Jeffrey James Matthew Prokash
View profile jprokash@saic.edu
Stephen Reber
View profile sreber@saic.edu
Mindy Rose Schwartz
View profile mschwartz@saic.edu
Amy Yoes
View profile ayoes@saic.edu

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