a collage of six headshots done in a horizontal orientation

Six SAIC Community Members Win Creative Capital Awards in Visual Arts and Film

This year six SAIC community members were named Creative Capital’s 2024 “Wild Futures: Art, Culture, Impact” Awardees in Visual Arts and Film/Moving Image. Creative Capital is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting artists across the United States, and every year they grant a total of $2.5 million in grants to artists to fund the creation of new work. This year 54 artists were selected based on their unique and exciting projects that span a wide-range of visual mediums.

Emily Barker’s (BFA 2015) project Moving Parts is a mobile programmatic trailer that serves the needs of wheelchair users. william cordova’s (BFA 1996) stand up next 2 a mountain: unknown narratives of Latino members of the Black Panther Party is a video and audio documentation of Latino members of the Black Panther Party. Chaz John (BFA 2009) is creating a new series of large-scale performative actions touching on John’s Indigenous identity called Melting of Columbia. Erica Lord’s (MFA 2006) The Codes We Carry: Beads as DNA Data is a series of large-scale sculptures combining Indigenous beading techniques and DNA analysis. Aliza Nisenbaum’s (BFA 2001, MFA 2005) painting series, Modes of Assembly, is the culmination of her years-long engagement with workers in industrial factories in northern Mexico. Associate Professor in Art Therapy, Leah Gipson’s (MA 2010) documentary film Staring at the Dark features Black residents of Panama City, Florida, in the historic area of Bay Harbor as they discuss their ancestral and living landscapes.

Congratulations to our community members for the recognition of all their outstanding work on these innovative projects!