Mission and Vision Statements


As artists, we serve our vision and creativity to produce work that inspires emotion, reflection, and action. As activists, we serve our community to build paths to positive change. As community members, we care for our neighbors and work together to improve our neighborhood. With our tower partners, SAIC is building an intersection to combine all aspects of artistic service and community to continue to do what we do best: to teach, be taught, create and grow. We do this through an artist in residency program, SAIC degrees classes, community classes, workshops, and events. Providing artistic resources, artistic and job skills along with public projects. 


North Lawndale is a vibrant community, and our work in art and design on the westside expresses how we want to be seen and heard in the world. SAIC at Homan Square will support creative citizenship through classes, artists in residence programs, exhibitions, performances, and public art engagements. These experiences will challenge boundaries and reflect North Lawndale’s history, inviting hope, engaged beauty and curiosity. Through these efforts, we believe we can move beyond societal problems and improve the social and economic health of our community. Art in North Lawndale helps us re-imagine the community we want and build the strength to achieve it.