Winter Study Trips: Suspended

SAIC Study Trips remain suspended for 2022. SAIC continues to monitor the developments related to Covid-19 and will resume programs when it is safe to do so. SAIC will announce in the fall if study trips will resume in 2023.

Academic and Other Requirements

All usual academic requirements must be met in order to register for a study trip. For example, to register for Art History credits, a student must have completed both parts of the Survey of Art History; for Liberal Arts, all English requirements must be completed. Undergraduate students must have completed 30 credits at the time of registration.

Some study trips may require an application and study trip leaders' approval before registration. If so, this will be listed on the trip description in Course Options.

The following students are not eligible to register for study trips:

  • First-year undergraduate students who have successfully completed less than 30 credits at SAIC at the time of registration (unless a particular study trip has been designated for first-year undergraduates)
  • Students currently on disciplinary probation or subject to any other disciplinary sanction
  • Students currently on academic probation
  • Students who have received a "No Credit" grade for a previous study trip

The following students' study trip participation will be reviewed:

  • Students who become subject to academic or disciplinary sanction after registration. Note: a student whose study trip registration is canceled as a result of this review must appeal to the Refund Review Committee for refund of fees.