Semester Away: Program Options

Semester-Long Exchange Information Session (Link to the recording is below)
Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Study Abroad will provide an overview of the application process and available programs for future terms. Semester away through one of SAIC’s official exchange programs is one option to fulfill the six credit off-campus study requirement. During the program, students are enrolled at SAIC and financial aid is available. This program is open to undergraduate students who have completed 30 credits at the time of application. The deadline to apply for fall semester away is February 15 and to apply for spring semester away the deadline is September 15.


International Exchange

SAIC maintains exchange partnerships with art schools throughout the world. These partnerships allow students to continue enrollment at SAIC while studying at a partner school located abroad. International exchange programs are immersion experiences. SAIC students take mainly studio classes alongside local students, in the local language. For many programs, advanced foreign language skills are recommended. Since residence hall accommodation is typically not available through the host school, participants are responsible for researching and securing their own accommodations in the host city. For a list of our international exchange partners, please click on this link: 


AICAD Exchange

As a member of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD), SAIC participates in the AICAD Exchange Program. This program gives students the opportunity to maintain enrollment at SAIC while studying at any number of AICAD schools located throughout the United States and Canada. Participation is limited to one semester only and not all AICAD member schools accept exchange students. For more information on individual AICAD schools, visit

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs fill the gaps where SAIC does not have exchange partnerships. Students wishing to study away in a particular location that is not covered by an existing exchange partnership may have the option to do so either through the Tuition Transfer Program or on Independent Study Abroad.

Tuition Transfer allows a student to maintain enrollment at SAIC while studying at an affiliate program or school.

Independent Study Away allows students to apply to, enroll in, and pay the host program or school directly. Students on Independent Study Away take a Leave of Absence (LOA) from SAIC, and all credits must be approved in advance as transfer credit. For a directory of study abroad programs and scholarships visit