Semester Away: After Acceptance

After acceptance, students will receive information directly from the host school/program and continue to advise individually with an SAIC Study Abroad Advisor. Along with a predeparture orientation, students can expect the following:

SAIC Study Abroad will:

  • Assist students in selecting courses that coincide with SAIC degree requirements
  • Register students for off-campus study credit
  • Draft visa support letters as needed
  • Host a predeparture orientation covering topics such as general health and wellness, emergency response/communication, cultural adaptation, and travel logistics

Study Abroad Students will:

  • Respond to host school/program correspondence in a timely manner
  • Utilize Academic Advising and Study Abroad guidance to plan course registration
  • Research host country immigration requirements and apply for necessary visas and/or permits
  • Research and secure housing in host location
  • Research and purchase appropriate transportation to host location
  • Update your address and phone number as needed
  • Meet with medical professionals as needed to discuss the impact of international travel on physical and mental health
  • Meet with SAIC Student Financial Services to discuss any changes or updates to financial aid or payment plans

While many of the points above will only become relevant after acceptance into a program, there are a number of items you can begin to address now that apply to most all study away programs.

Immigration Matters

Students participating in an international study away program are required to obtain a passport. Passports must be valid for six months beyond the date of your expected return from the program. U.S. passport application and renewal.

It is generally the case that students participating in an international study away program will need to apply for a student visa from the host country’s embassy or consulate prior to departure. It is your responsibility to educate yourself on the application process for any and all required visas and to obtain the visa in a timely manner. SAIC cannot apply for or obtain visas for study away students.

Health and Safety

When preparing to study away, forethought and common sense will go a long way in helping you have the most productive experience possible. Consider how you will manage any known health concerns while you are abroad and educate yourself on what new health and safety issues your chosen study away location may pose. In addition to consulting your own doctors and sharing any concerns with your Study Abroad Advisor, please refer to the following resources:


The types of classes available to you during your study away program may differ from what is typically available at SAIC. For example, many of the international exchange programs are offered for studio credit only. You should meet with your Academic Advisor and obtain an updated degree audit so that you know exactly what type of credit you need in order to continue your progress toward graduation at SAIC.

Housing and Transportation

For many study away programs, housing is not provided by the host school. You are encouraged to do online research regarding the availability of apartments and commercial student housing in your host city prior to departure, but Study Abroad strongly discourages you from making any financial or contractual commitments from abroad.

You are responsible for booking and purchasing transportation to your host city. If you need assistance, you may find working with a travel agent helpful. STA is a travel agency dedicated specifically to student travel.