Study Abroad/Off-Campus: For Parents

Study Abroad Update Applications for semester-long exchange program for fall 2023 have opened. Faculty-led Study Trips will resume in summer 2023!

While one of the hardest things for parents to do is to step back and have their students take on the planning and preparation for their travel experience, this is also the most important tool you can give your student in being able to navigate the experience successfully. You should be available and ready to lend help, advice, and support, but it is critically important that your student take primary responsibility for planning the experience.

The this Section of our website contains information regarding the benefits of study abroad, health and safetysupporting your student, and common FAQs from parents. This content is intended to help you better understand your student’s experience and know which questions to ask.

The Benefits of Study Abroad

Study abroad is one of the best ways students can develop greater independence, maturity, and self-confidence; the flexibility to adapt quickly and creatively to unexpected developments and changing circumstances; and the ability to interact effectively with people from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. These skills and many more can prove invaluable throughout their lives, and are highly translatable to various employment settings.

Here are links to some helpful websites: