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INCUBATOR gives Undergraduate and Graduate SAIC students opportunities to share their work across campus in non-traditional exhibition formats. These alternative spaces offer room to engage in exhibition-making from new and creative approaches. We encourage you to use INCUBATOR as an opportunity for experimentation and to share your practice with the SAIC community. 

INCUBATOR is run by a team of Graduate Curatorial Assistants working for the Department of Exhibitions who facilitate independently submitted student proposals and lead collaborative curatorial projects. Please see below for information on exhibiting with INCUBATOR. 

For questions about INCUBATOR or upcoming opportunities, please email us at:


How to get involved with INCUBATOR




Any currently enrolled SAIC student can apply to show work in INCUBATOR spaces in Sharp, MacLean and 280 buildings. 

These INCUBATOR spaces include: 

  • First Floor Display Cases, 280 Building
  • Second Floor Stairway/Landing “The Nook”, 280 Building
  • 2nd Floor Cafe, 280 Building
  • Third Floor Lounge Walls, 280 Building
  • Twelfth, Thirteenth & Fourteenth Floors, Cafe & Lounge, MacLean Building
  • Second Floor Lounge, Sharp Building

Exhibitions usually last between one and three weeks and can include one individual’s work, multiple artists, or the work of a class project. To ensure that all exhibitions and installations meet SAIC policies and guidelines, an INCUBATOR On-Campus Installation Form must be completed for review by the Department of Exhibitions, Safety & Security, Instructional Resources and Facilities Management, and Campus Life. 

It is the responsibility of the student(s) to install and de-install their work and return the space as they found it. Students must provide their own hardware and tools for approved independent projects.  The INCUBATOR team will provide floor plans, reserve and provide access to the space, and provide a patch and paint kit if needed. 


  1. Email to check availability and reserve the space you are interested in. GCAs will get back to you regarding availability; in the case a space is not available, they will propose other spaces or alternative times that might be possible. 
  2. Fill out the INCUBATOR On-Campus Installation Form after reserving your spaceLog into SAIC Engage (using your SAIC username and password), navigate to the lower right corner of the homepage for “Campus Links” to find the SAIC INCUBATOR On Campus Installation Form. 

Please note: there is no deadline for this process, however, applications can take several weeks for approval and planning. It is recommended that the form be submitted at least three weeks before the proposed installation date. 




Graduate Curatorial Assistants (GCAs) support departmental, course-related, and student driven projects through the Exhibitions Department.  The Wabash Window and the first floor lobby of the Sharp building are the primary spaces designated for INCUBATOR curatorial projects. These projects are planned in advance and are often independently initiated by the GCA’s themselves, through proposals submitted by SAIC professors, or curated with open calls. These projects receive an additional level of curatorial and installation support from GCAs.  Co-learning is a guiding tenant of INCUBATOR, and as such GCAs are always available for ongoing feedback and collaboration throughout the exhibition-making process.

At least once a year, the INCUBATOR GCA team produces a juried exhibition featuring works submitted through an open call for entry. This annual exhibition activates public-facing spaces including the Wabash Window and Sharp 1st floor Lobby, providing exceptional opportunities for visibility of student artwork. 





SITE Galleries

Founded in 1994, SITE Galleries (formerly Student Union Galleries) is a student-run gallery at SAIC for the exhibition of student work in two locations on campus: the SITE Sharp Gallery and the SITE 280 Gallery. An open call for exhibition proposals is held each semester to be implemented the following semester. Proposals are reviewed by a committee of the SITE Directors, SITE Gallery Assistants, members of Exhibitions staff, and other student leaders. 

Check out the SITE website for more information.

Questions? Contact SITE Directors & Staff Advisor at



Faculty-Curated Exhibitions (Faculty Only)

The Department of Exhibitions and its SAIC Galleries serve to enrich and augment the academic curriculum through active discourse on issues and ideas in contemporary art and design. Exhibitions are teaching tools and also vehicles to contribute to the field of contemporary art, design, and theory. They operate as an integrated part of the studio and academic experience and additionally offer meaningful encounters to Chicago audiences. Proposals may take the form of exhibitions, artist project commissions, performances, programs, and/or publications. These may occur in the SAIC Galleries and other locations on-campus. They may be tied to specific courses, although this is not a requirement for consideration. For more information:

Applications are current closed. Updated guidelines and applications will be available in Spring 2021

Please note: If a proposal is intended as an integral part of an SAIC course, the applicant must get initial approval from their department chair.
Questions? Contact Trevor Martin, Executive Director of Exhibitions, at