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SAIC Undergraduate Exhibition

We're happy to announce that the Undergraduate Exhibition will now take place at the new SAIC Galleries located on 33 E. Washington!

The Undergraduate Exhibition helps to serve senior level students with their ongoing creative professional practice. Develop skills for this and the next exhibition post-SAIC life. Participating students will experience the process of how to exhibit work in a professional setting, and how to navigate and collaborate in a large group exhibition. Participation in this senior exhibition is not a degree requirement.

The Undergraduate Exhibition occurs twice annually in both the fall and spring semesters. Students are only eligible to participate in one culminating thesis exhibition/ event during their senior year based on their credits at the start of each semester.

Students who have previously exhibited in the Undergraduate Exhibition either through a Capstone or the lottery are not eligible to participate again.

Questions about the Undergraduate Exhibition? Email,



As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Exhibitions has revised the registration process.

In order to participate in a fall or spring culminating exhibition or event, students must have senior status AND have registered at the beginning of the semester for which they have been invited to participate.

  • In place of the one-time registration we offered previously, there will now be a fall and spring registration to participate in that semester's culminating exhibition or events.
  • Please note: If you are invited to register for the Undergraduate Exhibition via fall or spring semester, that is your assigned Undergraduate Exhibition option. We are not able to accommodate requests from students to switch semesters.

*Students with dual degrees are eligible to participate in a spring academic symposium, or reading.

In addition to:

  • Fall Undergraduate Exhibition
  • Spring Performance Festival
  • Spring Film, Video, New Media, Animation and Sound Festival
  • Spring Fashion Event

Students who choose to participate in a spring symposium or reading are not eligible to participate in the Spring Undergraduate Exhibition.

For more details about these academic symposiums/readings get in touch with your department. 
If you are unsure whether or not you are an eligible senior, please contact the academic advising department to discuss your eligibility Academic Advising


Exhibition Parameters

Due to health and safety precautions and limited resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, gallery policies have been updated. Please familiarize yourself with these new exhibition parameters which will be in effect for the AY 2020-2021.


Students should consult the Art School Considerations (ASC) Checklist to determine if a project may present a health, safety, legal or other type of concern. The ASC list should be consulted during the conceptualization phase of a project, and at any point thereafter when details are adjusted. If a project involves any of the items on the checklist, the proposed project will be brought to the ASC committee for review. 
View the Art School Considerations Checklist here.  



There are two ways to participate in the Undergraduate Exhibition:

1. Capstone 4900: Senior Exhibition -  This is a curated Capstone course culminating with an exhibition as part of the Undergraduate Exhibition. Students must be enrolled in one of those Capstones and registered for the exhibition in order to participate in the undergraduate exhibition.

2. Space claim lottery - Eligible students not enrolled in a Capstone 4900: Senior Exhibition course, can register to participate in the Undergraduate Exhibition through the Space Claim lottery. These lottery students pick their space based on a selection of space types offered through the Thesis Event Registration form. Once registered, these students will be allowed to attend Space Claim along with other lottery students, to select a space through a lottery system, based on their chosen space type.


Remote Digital Slideshow Option for the Spring 2021 Undergraduate Exhibition 

The Department of Exhibitions and Exhibition Studies is excited to announce a remote slideshow option for the Spring Undergraduate Exhibition at SAIC Galleries for students unable to participate in person for the exhibition. 

This option is for both Spring 2021 and eligible Fall 2020 students. Students who register for this option will have the ability to submit one customizable slide of up to five still images of their work to be projected in large format along with other students through a rotating slideshow at SAIC galleries during the Spring 2021 Exhibition.

For those who elect to take part in the Spring 2021 Exhibition via the slideshow option, this will be your chosen culminating undergraduate exhibition experience. By participating in this option, you forgo exhibiting in person or participating in any other culminating undergraduate exhibitions or events. 

We are excited to offer this option and to include those students not able to participate in person within the Spring Undergraduate Exhibition. At the same time, please remember that participation in the exhibition is not a degree requirement. 


More information about this remote option, will be emailed to eligible students during spring registration.



Spring 2020 Undergraduate Online Exhibition

Click here to view the Spring 2020 Undergraduate Online Exhibition, which launched in May 2020!