Memory Work Berlin

Fall 2022’s Advanced Curatorial Practice will address curating memory, focusing on the politics of remembrance and representation, and corollary questions that are both urgent for the arts institutions and the society-at-large. The centerpiece is a 10-day trip to Germany to participate in MEMORYWORK, an interdisciplinary artistic research enquiry the fieldwork and symposium organized by a European consortium, that takes the form of fieldwork and a conference in Berlin, followed by an excursion to documenta in Kassel. Together with students from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and other researchers, we will explore states of performative flux in which multiple temporalities—past, present, and future—are entangled and coexist, probing the gaps and unmarked wounds that affect us today, searching for ways to account for peoples’ location in history. Back in Chicago, students will research the issues to be revealed in Chicago, analyzing projects undertaken or aspired to, creating an in-depth written report to be presented in a concluding convening to MEMORYWORK partners.