Continuing Studies

Be at the Center of Creativity

Continuing Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) provides the highest quality educational opportunities in art and design through courses tailored exclusively for adults, including teachers, high school students in grades nine through 12, middle school students ages 10–13, and children ages four to nine. Our goal is to nurture and support life-long learning and the development of creative thought and practice in students of all ages. At SAIC we believe that having confidence in one's creative abilities plays a critical role in successfully meeting the unique challenges of today's world.

In our evening and weekend courses, workshops, and certificate programs, students experience the most up-to-date thinking in art, design, theory, and practice. We provide an environment where students can thrive and flourish while learning new professional skills, preparing for college, seeking personal enrichment, or nurturing children's creative development.

Summer Offerings

Children's Multi-Arts Camps Online (Ages 4-9)
Combining creativity with fun, SAIC's camps offer exciting projects and include daily virtual visits to the Art Institute of Chicago museum. Kids learn to discover, explore, and imagine in their own unique ways, experimenting with a variety of art materials and methods that encourage the development of creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Learn more!

Family Programs Online (Ages 4+ with Adult)
Family Programs at SAIC are truly a unique experience. Combining virtual visits to the renowned Art Institute of Chicago museum with exciting studio-based explorations, camp instructors guide all participants through each step of the creative process, using materials such as paint, collage, clay, pastels, or charcoal as a team and side-by-side. Regardless of age, these experiences build curiosity and self-confidence for all participants through creative problem solving, firsthand exposure to the unmatched collections at the museum, and material investigation. Learn more!

Middle School Programs Online (Ages 10-13)
Our one- and three-week online summer camps are designed to allow students to focus on their interests, learn new skills, and bring their ideas to life. We offer course subjects and resources not available to young creators anywhere else in the world! Learn more!

Early College Program Online and On-Campus (Ages 14-18)
Push your ideas, visions, and skillsets to new heights! Join students from around the country and right here in Chicago for coursestaught online by our renowned faculty. Experience dynamic virtual demos, engage with peers during group work, critiques, and activities, and receive a blend of time for independent exploration and making and time to check-in with faculty. Learn more!

Early College Program Online Summer Institute (Ages 15-18, Earn College Credit)
You’ll join peers from around the globe to create portfolio-quality work, deepen your understanding of contemporary art making, and earn college credit. Experience dynamic virtual demos, engage in group critiques, and receive the ideal blend of one-on-one meeting time with faculty and independent exploration. Learn more!

Adult Continuing Education Courses and Certificates Online and On-Campus (Ages 18+)
Engage in material exploration and learn new skills or refresh existing ones. As a member of our community, one defined by practice and inquiry, you will cultivate creative confidence, learning with and from your instructors and peers as you produce work based on your personal research and interests. Learn more!