About the Graduate Student Senate

The Graduate Student Senate is a group of elected representatives who work together with the Dean's office to identify student priorities and projects. Students represent all degrees and years of study. Meetings occur monthly over lunch and students are compensated for their time. Open call for nominations + elections occur annually in early September.

AY24 Graduate Senators

  • Su Kaiden Cho MFA
  • Shelbye Doyen MS
  • Moksha Khanna MA
  • Emily Miller MFA
  • Charlie Nawarra MA
  • Schetauna Darrilynn-Lovie Powell MFA
  • Derek Spencer MFA
  • Sudhiksha Srinivasan MARCH

AY23 Graduate Senators

  • Jennifer Lord, MFALOWRES
  • Schetauna Darrilynn-Lovie Powell, MFADO
  • Sudhiksha Srinivasan, MARCH
  • Moksha Khanna, MAAE
  • Changching Su, MFAPHOTO
  • Nimrod Astarhan, MFAATS
  • Edward Dongwon Sin, MFAPTDW
  • Jennessa Ilaya Martinez, MAATC
  • Izzy Pieniadz, MSHP
  • Omer Alraee, MDDO
  • Nick Daniel Weiss, MAAE