Low-Residency MFA: Current Students

Ashley Addair (MFA 2023) Primary Interests: Painting, wearables, installation, and dance. Artist Website 

Abby Bill (MFA 2023) Primary Interest: Watercolor painting. Secondary Interest: Colored pencil. Artist Website and Instagram: @abbybillart

Monica Brady-Barnard (MFA 2022) Primary Interests: Dance, movement meditation, witchcraft, and time travel. Secondary Interests: Site-specific work, land art, and connectivity. Instagram: @danceamongwomen

Sarah Bricke (MFA 2023) Primary Interests: Installation, assemblage, performative lecture, poetry, feminist theory, and queer theory. Instagram: @sarahbricke

Katherine Clarke Langlands (MFA 2023) Primary Interests: Painting, sculpture, abstraction, installation, murals, public art, paper paintings, and creating color themes. Secondary Interests: Snowboarding, drawing, record bracelet creator, recycled object art, textile designs, improv. dance, and sociology. Artist Website and Instagram: @xo_KCL

Elizabeth Denneau (MFA 2023) Primary Interests: Sculpture, printmaking, textile/fiber arts, and mixed media. Artist Website and Instagram: @lizz_denneau_art

Yemaya Diethelm (MFA 2023) Primary Interests: Painting and drawing. 

Michael Anthony Garcia (MFA 2022) Primary Interests: Performance, video, and writing. Secondary Interests: Sculpture and installation. Artist Website and Instagram: @mrmichaelme

Bianca Gabrielle Goyette (MFA 2023) Primary Interests: Sound, photography, experimental filmmaking, laser cutting, design, and installation. Secondary Interests: Writing and technology. Artist Website and Instagram: @bgoesrogue

John Gueltzau (MFA 2023) Primary Interest: Ceramics. Secondary Interest: Photography. Artist Website 

Kathryn Hempel (MFA 2022) Primary Interests: Painting, drawing, text art, collage, textiles, and filmmaking. Secondary Interests: Design, sculpture, storytelling, and photography. Artist Website and Instagram: @kathrynhempel

Theresa Henson (MFA 2023) Primary Interest: Sculpture. Secondary Interest: Poetry. Instagram: @Henson2169

Jeannie Hua (MFA 2023) Primary Interests: Collage, oil, acrylic, pastel, and graphite. Secondary Interests: Video, photography, and performance. Artist Website and Instagram: @burnedoutlawyer

Aidyn Mills (MFA 2022) Primary Interests: Writing, voice, movement, and video. Artist Website 

Akwi Nji (MFA 2023) Primary Interest: Interdisciplinary arts. Artist Website and Instagram: @akwinji

Andrew Orloski (MFA 2022) Primary Interests: Sculpture, mold making, and casting techniques. Secondary Interest: Shift in materiality, balance, monumentality, the banal and mundane, and the language found in between the ephemeral and permanent. Artist Website and Instagram: @orloskistudio__

Mina Pjetrov (MFA 2022) Primary Interests: Painting and canvas warping. Secondary Interest: Drawing. Artist Website and Instagram: @Mina_Pjetrov

Keith Rodgerson (MFA 2022) Primary Interests: Curation, sound sculpture and performance, sculpture and performance, sound. Secondary Interests: Can-based aesthetics, corridic theory, geyseric culture, marginalia, masculinity culture, parabolic theory, pareidolic aesthetics. Instagram: @keithrestaurant

Sahar Sepahdari-Dalai (MFA 2022) Primary Interests: MFA, video, performance, installation, and new media. Secondary Interests: Sound art and textile art. Artist Website and Instagram: @luciddream_puppy

Victoria Smits (MFA 2023) Primary Interests: Sculpture, textile, video, ceramics, installation. Secondary Interests: Poetry, spoken word. Artist Website and Instagram: @victorialsmits

Stefania Urist (MFA 2022) Primary Interest: Sculpture. Artist Website and Instagram: @stefaniaurist


Disclaimer: All work represents the views of the individual authors and artists who created them, and are not those of the School or Museum of the Art Institute.