Arts Administration and Policy

Graduate Applicant Info Session: Choosing Your References

Tuesday, September 28, ​12:00 p.m. CT

Meet with graduate admissions to talk about who to select, how to contact them, and when to start the process.

Systems. Cultures. Futures. Strategies.

Building Creative Leadership

The SAIC Arts Administration & Policy department is structured around the values of collaboration, creative leadership, critical thinking, activism, and reflection, all of which we believe are central to excellence in Arts Administration. We embrace the interdisciplinary, experimental core of SAIC through integrated curriculum design; merging theory and practice; constantly developing new modalities and partnerships; and combining inventiveness and idealistic values with solid grounding in practical skills.

A natural laboratory located in a thriving, progressive arts community made up of students and faculty from an array of creative practices, SAIC is a place where various currents of artistic design and scholarly practice meet, intertwine, and recombine; where disciplines exceed their own limits; and where real-life, real-decision encounters create an ever-shifting, shared space of dialogue that helps define who we are and what we do within the field of Arts Administration.

Our core commitments include:

  • Working closely and intensively with artists, arts & cultural organizations, and beyond
  • Actively promoting ethical practice, and addressing key issues of equity, participation, and diversity 
  • Advocating for the centrality of the arts and culture in everyday life
  • Developing new individual and collaborative approaches to learning
  • Thinking experientially, critically, and politically
  • Creating a positive impact through work in arts and culture, re-framing arts administration practice at the intersection of the arts and social justice 

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