Space Reorganization

The Space Reorganization Group will assess our space needs for the post-pandemic world, with attention to both instructional and non-instructional space usage. It is our expectation that some employees will continue to work fully remotely, others will work on campus intermittently, and select faculty may elect to teach a portion of their courses permanently online. Each of these shifts in work practices has significant implications for campus space. The group will consider how space can be repurposed to: 

  • Create new, more flexible work spaces for hybrid remote/onsite staff 
  • Allow for the growth of programs and departments 
  • Facilitate the creation of new kinds of teaching and/or making spaces
  • Make reallocations of existing space possible based on anticipated needs
  • Reduce our reliance on rental properties

The Space Reorganization Group consists of two subgroups: instructional and non-instructional.

The Instructional Subgroup will:

  • Review the priorities of the 2014 Campus Master Plan
  • Assess current needs in light of reduced enrollment
  • Coordinate with the administrative subgroup, as well as with the Academic Structure and Reimagine Time Groups
  • Design and complete space studies to assess post-pandemic instructional space needs throughout the School

The Non-Instructional Subgroup will:

  • Seek feedback from vice presidents and deans to understand the staff roles that are likely to continue with remote work or hybrid remote/onsite work
  • Determine how operational changes have impacted the kinds of spaces we need
  • Assess space efficiency
  • Consider the new types of work spaces needed for the post-pandemic world

Space Reorganization Process

This process is currently being reviewed by the Academic Steering Committee. We will update the site once it’s been approved. 

Space Reorganization Timeline

  • Research and planning: spring and summer 2021 (as necessary) 
  • Initial recommendations: fall 2021

Space Reorganization Membership

Chair: Tom Buechele 

Christopher Baker
Associate Professor and Chair, Art and Technology Studies
FBS Fiscal Affairs 

Joseph Belknap 
Assistant Professor, Adjunct, Contemporary Practices
FBS Adjunct Senator / Part-Time Concerns / FBS Fiscal Affairs 

Tom Burtonwood
Assistant Professor, Contemporary Practices 
FBS Senator / FBS IRTC

Delinda Collier
Interim Dean of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor, Art History, Theory, and Criticism
President’s Cabinet / Dean’s Cabinet / ARC Co-Chair / FBS Curriculum Committee

Robin Deacon
Professor, Performance
FBS IRTC / School Climate Committee

Craig Downs
Executive Director of Media and Instructional Resources
ARC / ARC Climate and Accountability Subcommittee

Felice Dublon
Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs
Exhibition Studies

Sarah M. Hicks
Executive Director of Facilities Services
Workplace Accessibility and Accommodations Committee / ARC Law and Hiring Subcommittee

Rose Milkowski
Vice President of Enrollment Management

Allie n Steve Mullen 
Associate Professor, Adjunct, Art and Technology Studies
FBS Adjunct Senator / FBS Curriculum Committee / Part-Time Concerns / School Climate Committee / ARC Communication and Outreach Subcommittee

Mike Nicolai
Chief Human Resources Officer
President’s Cabinet / Part-Time Concerns / Fiscal Affairs / Advisory Council on Staff Engagement / FBS Handbook Committee / Chair, Workplace Accessibility and Accommodations / ARC Climate and Accountability Subcommittee

Gretchen Talbot
Dean of Administration, Budget and Planning 

Oli Watt
Associate Professor, Printmedia
FBS Senator / FBS Exhibitions and Exhibition Studies