Space Reorganization

The Space Reorganization Group will assess our space needs for the post-pandemic world, with attention to both instructional and non-instructional space usage. It is our expectation that some employees will continue to work fully remotely, others will work on campus intermittently, and select faculty may elect to teach a portion of their courses permanently online. Each of these shifts in work practices has significant implications for campus space. The group will consider how space can be repurposed to: 

  • Create new, more flexible work spaces for hybrid remote/onsite staff 
  • Allow for the growth of programs and departments 
  • Facilitate the creation of new kinds of teaching and/or making spaces
  • Make reallocations of existing space possible based on anticipated needs
  • Reduce our reliance on rental properties

The Space Reorganization Group consists of two subgroups: instructional and non-instructional.

The Instructional Subgroup will:

  • Review the priorities of the 2014 Campus Master Plan
  • Assess current needs in light of reduced enrollment
  • Coordinate with the administrative subgroup, as well as with the Academic Structure and Reimagine Time Groups
  • Design and complete space studies to assess post-pandemic instructional space needs throughout the School

The Non-Instructional Subgroup will:

  • Seek feedback from vice presidents and deans to understand the staff roles that are likely to continue with remote work or hybrid remote/onsite work
  • Determine how operational changes have impacted the kinds of spaces we need
  • Assess space efficiency
  • Consider the new types of work spaces needed for the post-pandemic world

Space Reorganization Process

The Space Reorganization Group’s first task was to address the immediate need for additional classrooms in spring 2022 when we expect a return to largely in-person instruction. The loss of our rented space in Spertus was not an issue while we were teaching many remote and hybrid classes. But with the increase in our on-campus population in spring 2022, as we return to in-person teaching, we will experience a pressing need for lecture halls to meet the demand for required art history survey courses. The Space Group advanced proposals for creating two, new large lecture classrooms to the academic steering committee for approval. 

Next up, the Space Group will consider longer-term objectives: how the opportunities afforded to many staff to select hybrid work will free up existing office space that may be repurposed to create new teaching, making, and lab space. And, in coordination with the Academic Structure Group, they will study how potential, new academic structures may necessitate new space needs.

Process Timeline
Complete Phase 1:
spring 2021
Complete Phase 2: 2021-22 academic year

Space Reorganization Membership

Chair: Tom Buechele 

Christopher Baker
Associate Professor and Chair, Art and Technology Studies
FBS Fiscal Affairs 

Joseph Belknap 
Assistant Professor, Adjunct, Contemporary Practices
FBS Adjunct Senator / Part-Time Concerns / FBS Fiscal Affairs 

Tom Burtonwood
Assistant Professor, Contemporary Practices 
FBS Senator / FBS IRTC

Delinda Collier
Interim Dean of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor, Art History, Theory, and Criticism
President’s Cabinet / Dean’s Cabinet / ARC Co-Chair / FBS Curriculum Committee

Craig Downs
Executive Director of Media and Instructional Resources
ARC / ARC Climate and Accountability Subcommittee

Felice Dublon
Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs
Exhibition Studies

Sarah M. Hicks
Executive Director of Facilities Services
Workplace Accessibility and Accommodations Committee / ARC Law and Hiring Subcommittee

Rose Milkowski
Vice President of Enrollment Management

Allie n Steve Mullen 
Associate Professor, Adjunct, Art and Technology Studies
FBS Adjunct Senator / FBS Curriculum Committee / Part-Time Concerns / School Climate Committee / ARC Communication and Outreach Subcommittee

Gretchen Talbot
Dean of Administration, Budget and Planning 

Oli Watt
Associate Professor, Printmedia
FBS Senator / FBS Exhibitions and Exhibition Studies