Faculty and Alums Fill Newcity's Art 50 List

Newcity recently released its annual Art 50 issue, featuring their picks for "Chicago’s artists’ artists." This year’s list, filled with artists, educators, and social activists, is a reflection of "the multiplicity of people making art in our city. There is no singular narrative of Chicago art, nor should there be."

These SAIC community members, past and present, make up 38 of the 50 spots—including Assistant Professor Maria Gaspar, who was recently named Newcity's 2020 Artist of the Moment. Additionally, the article names a Hall of Fame for artists whose crucial contributions to the art world consistently earn them top spots on the list.

Congratulations to all of the SAIC community members featured on the list.

Candida Alvarez (Painting and Drawing)

Margot Bergman (SAIC 1954–1955)

Phyllis Bramson (MFA 1974, Painting and Drawing)

Rashayla Marie Brown (BFA 2013, Photography)

Mike Cloud (Painting and Drawing)

Assaf Evron (MFA 2013, Contemporary Practices)

Maria Gaspar (Contemporary Practices)

Judith Geichman (MFA 1978, Painting and Drawing)

Lin Hixson (Performance) and Matthew Goulish (Writing)

Mika Horibuchi (BFA 1993)

Arnold Kemp (Painting and Drawing, Dean of Graduate Studies at SAIC)

Jenny Kendler (MFA 2006)

Thomas Kong (former SAIC faculty)

Rodrigo Lara (MFA 2013)

Riva Lehrer (SAIC 1993–95, Painting and Drawing)

Tony Lewis (MFA 2012)

Faheem Majeed (former SAIC faculty)

Nicole Marroquin (Art Education)

Yvette Mayorga (MFA 2016)

Eliza Myrie (Printmedia and Sculpture)

Ayanah Moor (Printmedia)

Gladys Nilsson (BFA 1962, HON 2016)

Hương Ngô (MFA 2004, Contemporary Practices)

B. Ingrid Olson (BFA 2010)

Ebony G. Patterson (Bill and Stephanie Sick Distinguished Visiting Professor)

Kamau A. Patton (Visual and Critical Studies) 

Claire Pentecost (Photography)

Cheryl Pope (BFA 2003, MDes 2010)

Laurie Jo Reynolds (MFA 2000)

Deb Sokolow (MFA 2004)

Edra Soto (MFA 2000, Contemporary Practices)

Deborah Stratman (BFA 1990)

Alice Tippit (BFA 2009, MFA 2013)

Jina Valentine (Printmedia)

Santiago X (MFA 2018)

Amanda Williams (former Bill and Stephanie Sick Distinguished Visiting Professor)

Sadie Woods (MFA 2016, Contemporary Practices)

Latham Zearfoss (BFA 2008)


The Hall of Fame

Alberto Aguilar (BFA 1997, MFA 2001, Contemporary Practices)

Dawoud Bey (HON 2019)

Nick Cave (Stephanie and Bill Sick Professor of Fashion, Body and Garment)

LaToya Ruby Frazier (Photography)

Theaster Gates (HON 2014)

Richard Hunt (BA 1957)

Judy Ledgerwood (MFA 1984)

José Lerma (Painting and Drawing)

Lou Mallozzi (BFA 1978, Sound)

Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle (MFA 1989)

Kerry James Marshall (HON 2017)

Jim Nutt (BFA 1967, HON 2016)

William J. O'Brien (MFA 2005, Ceramics)

Richard Rezac (Painting and Drawing)

Diane Simpson (BFA 1971, MFA 1978)

Tony Tasset (MFA 1985)

Jan Tichy (MFA 2009, Photography)

Chris Ware (SAIC 1991–93)

Anne Wilson (Fiber and Material Studies)

Karl Wirsum (BFA 1962, HON 2016)