Violence Prevention and Emergency Management

Campus Violence Prevention Plan

In accordance with the Campus Security Enhancement Act of 2008, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago has developed a Campus Violence Prevention Plan, which sets forth the School’s comprehensive violence prevention efforts. In addition, the School has assembled a Campus Violence Prevention Committee which carries out the strategies in the Plan to prevent, respond to, and manage violent acts or threats of violence on campus, with the overall goal being the enhanced safety of the SAIC community.


Campus Emergency Operations Plan

In conjunction with the local, county, and state emergency management and public safety agencies, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago has developed a Campus Emergency Operations Plan. This Plan enhances the emergency response capability for any large scale emergency or disaster on the SAIC campus. When used properly, this Plan can assist the SAIC administration in protecting the lives and property of the students, faculty, and staff.


Incident Assessment Team

The Incident Assessment Team is a group of trained professionals from different departments across campus that discusses and evaluates behaviors of concern that could precede or follow a violent event. The Incident Assessment Team conducts threat assessments, addresses aberrant, dangerous, or threatening behavior on campus, and provides guidance and best practices for preventing violence. The Group has access to a range of support services for students, faculty, and staff members that includes mental health services, crisis management, and comprehensive services for victims, whether provided on campus or by accessing available community resources.


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