Safety Tips

Safety Tips for the SAIC Community

SAIC is committed to providing a safe and secure learning, working, and living environment to its community. Because SAIC is an urban campus, it is important for students, faculty, and staff to keep the following safety tips in mind when traveling through the city of Chicago.

  • When you are alone, avoid wearing headphones, try not to be engrossed in reading, and avoid talking on your cellular telephone for long periods of time.
  • Carry wallets in a coat or front pants pocket.
  • If someone tries to rob you, give up your property—don't give up yourself. Don't struggle with an offender unless it's absolutely necessary.
  • Report crime immediately. If a crime goes unreported:  The assailant cannot be caught Criminals are allowed to operate without interference.


Not reporting a crime allows the criminals to commit more crimes against other people. Whether you are a victim or a witness, call the police at 911. Give as complete a description as possible, as soon as possible. Write it down! You may not remember it when you need it. Make notes about the offender's height, weight, sex, age, race, distinguishing marks and clothing. Get witnesses if you can.

To Report A Crime Or Emergency on Campus

Press the emergency button on those phones in SAIC buildings that have an orange sticker with the word "EMERGENCY" on it next to the button, 
Call Campus Security at extension 9-1230 from inside the SAIC phone system, or, call Campus Security at 312. 899.1230 from outside the SAIC phone system.

Emergency Communication

SAIC will provide immediate updates via cell phone text messages, voice messages, and/or email. In the event of an emergency, check these messaging systems for specific instructions on evacuation or sheltering-in-place.

Subscribe your cell phone to campus alerts. This enables Campus Security to send text messages to your cell phone in the event of a serious crime, weather emergency, or similar incident. SAIC log-in required.

Locker Safety

To keep your personal belongings safe inside of your locker at all times, we would like to suggest some options when choosing a lock for your locker.

  • Locks should be metal and strong, with at least a 6mm (Millimeter) shackle. Please DO NOT choose a lock with a small shackle, or a small lock that can easily be broken (i.e. TSA travel locks or small locks that fit on a suitcase).
  • A combination lock or a key lock is fine. 


If you ever find that your locker has been broken into, or you notice that your lock/locker has been tampered with, please visit the nearest security desk and inform Campus Security immediately.