Student Organizations

‌Student-led organizations provide the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) students with an opportunity to connect with their peers, faculty, and staff outside of the classroom. Through these organizations, students can engage in and impact the SAIC community, enhance the academic and social experiences of their peers, and gain valuable leadership experience. Student organizations receive a dedicated budget and have a paid advisor and specific facilities.

SAIC Student Organizations Include

Student Government
Advisor(s): Patrick Spence 312.629.6880,; Jada Bennett, 312.899.7436,
Office Location: LeRoy Neiman Center, Sharp Building, 37 South Wabash Avenue, room 202

Student Government is made up of 4 elected students who work to address issues that will improve the overall sense of community and student satisfaction at SAIC. Student Government oversees the allocation of funding for student group events and activities. Additionally, Student Government meets with students, plans informational meetings for the community, solicits feedback through surveys and other assessments, and provides guidance to the SAIC administration. Members are elected in the spring for the following academic year. 

ExTV -

Advisor: BJ Allen, 312.345.3609,
Office Location: MacLean Center, 112 South Michigan Avenue, room 1401

ExTV is a student-run, experimental TV station broadcasting via the web, on-campus monitors, and at on-campus events such as the Undergraduate Film/Video Festival. ExTV uses its challenging and engaging programming to foster a greater sense of community at SAIC by showcasing student, faculty, staff, and alumni time-arts work.

F Newsmagazine -

Advisor: Paul Elitzik, 312.345.3756,
Design Advisor: Rochell Sleets, 
Office Location: Lakeview Building, 116 South Michigan Avenue, room 201

F Newsmagazine is SAIC’s award-winning monthly student publication that is read all over the city and published monthly during the academic year. SAIC students design and edit the publication, making every editorial and design decision. F News editors are always looking for writing, illustration, and photography from students -- both for the print and web editions. Students can contact us for freelancing work through Handshake and also come to our monthly open meetings to pitch article ideas. Follow on the web for additional articles and videos.

Free Radio SAIC -

Advisor: BJ Allen, 312.345.3609,
Office Location: MacLean Center, 112 South Michigan Avenue, room 1401

Free Radio SAIC is SAIC’s student-run Internet radio station, broadcasting daily to a global audience. The station uses an open format, so that individual DJs, performers, and sound artists program the content for their shows according to their own interests. The station provides an unconventional and engaging radio station that airs live shows and keeps a streaming archive of shows available online.

SITE Galleries
Advisor: Joseph Josué Mora, 312.899.1459,
Office Location: LeRoy Neiman Center, Sharp Building, 37 South Wabash Avenue; 1st floor 280 Gallery Location: 280 Building, 280 South Columbus Drive, 1st floor

Found in 1994, SITE, once known as the Student Union Galleries (SUGs), is a student-run organization at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) for the exhibition of student work. The two central tenets of the galleries are to build relationships between different departments and stakeholders throughout the institution and strengthen our role as a teaching gallery within and beyond SAIC. This is accomplished first through providing a consistent space for undergraduate and graduate directors to organize and generate exhibitions that realize the vision of student artists. Furthermore, with strategic programming, SITE supports these exhibitions and engages evolving currents and discourses in our communities. The student-led structure provides opportunities for emerging artists and scholars to explore artistic and administrative methods by placing emphasis on collaborative processes and professional practice in and out of the classroom.

Student Programming Board

Advisor: Laura Lamb, 312.629.6880,
Office Location: LeRoy Neiman Center, Sharp Building, 37 South Wabash Avenue, room 202

The Student Programming Board (SPB) plans activities and events for all SAIC students. While the SPB plans on and off-campus activities, most activities are held in the LeRoy Neiman Center. Events include things such as movie nights, artist talks, off-campus trips, and live music. SPB also helps facilitate events and activities planned by other departments in the School. They are great partners for large-scale campus events. Their programming schedule fills up quickly, so be sure to contact them at least a semester in advance if you are interested in collaborating.