Engage SAIC

Engage SAIC is an online database system that is developed and managed by a company called CollegiateLink. It supports registered student group administration through the development of electronic forms and processes.

Additionally, it provides student groups with a secure website to manage their student group online community and events.

As a member of the SAIC Engage online community, you can select from a wide range of interests when you set up your SAIC Engage profile for the first time. It is important to note that you can add, delete, or prioritize your interests at any time through the “My Involvement” tab.

Students that have an SAIC Engage profile can also select from a list of interests, and SAIC Engage will suggest events and display related content based on those interests.


For more information about SAIC Engage, contact Campus Life at 312.899.7439 or visit us in the LeRoy Neiman Center, Sharp Building, 37 South Wabash Avenue, suite 201.