Google Mail/Storage Transition FAQs

What type of email forwarding service is SAIC offering and how does it work?

The "" forwarding email address is replacing the "" email address. Each address is  served by different systems. The "" email address is served by Google and emails sent to this address are stored on Google servers. The "" is a forwarding service provided by DUOCircle. No emails are stored on their forwarding servers. All emails received by the "" forwarding servers are sent to a private address you provide when signing up for the forwarding service via this form. There is no link between the two services.

What will happen to my email address?

Due to changes in Google's terms of service, email addresses for alums will be permanently retired. All alums who use an email address may sign up for the email forwarding service, DUOCircle ( Alums can transfer all contacts, emails, folders and files to an alternate email account of their choosing in order to avoid losing content stored in their Google account.

When will the transition to the new take place and when will it end?

The transition from the Google platform has already started. Alums have until August 15, 2022 to transfer all data and folders from their address into alternate storage services and to make sure that all important emails, contacts, and subscriptions are associated with a new email address. However, you can sign up for an forwarding address at any time.

My email address is my primary email address. What should I do?

Alums need to create a new email address on a platform of their choosing and may choose to export or transfer all contacts, emails, folders, and files to that  service provider. It is recommended to set up an automatic response (also known as a vacation reply) on your email to provide your contacts with your new email address.

I haven't been able to access my SAIC account in a few years, but I'd like to have access to transfer and download all files and data.

The help desk can give you temporary access, please email them at This must be concluded prior to August 15, 2022.

If I am a staff/ faculty/undergraduate or graduate student at SAIC do I have to worry about this?

Active staff, faculty, and current undergraduate and graduate students will continue to use their SAIC email accounts until they are no longer at SAIC. In accordance with Google’s new storage limits, a cap will be placed on all active accounts.  Information will be shared later this calendar year on how limits will be set and managed.  If you are staff or faculty and an SAIC alum, you are welcome to sign up for the alumni forwarding service. You will want to export any of your SAIC academic work from your account to separate it from work-related email and files to help you fit within future storage limits.

Will the forwarding service be housed through Gmail?

The address is a forwarding system that is not associated with Google. It does not have any storage associated with the address.

When will I lose access to my address?

Alums will lose access to the address on August 15, 2022. The day they can be accessed is August 14, 2022.

What if I want to sign up for email forwarding, but have never had a email?

You can still sign up for a new email forwarding address. A new email address will be created for you. Just make sure to include a separate, non-SAIC email account when signing up via this form.

Will my Google Drive folders and documents be available to me once I transfer to the forwarding email address?

No. Alums will no longer have access to their email address, which means they will no longer be able to access any documents or files on the Google Drive associated with that account. Alums need to create a new email address and transfer all contacts, emails, folders, and files to an alternate email address and storage option of their choosing.

How can I transfer my archived files and email history from my account to another Gmail account?

If you have data, files, and information you want to save, you can use Google Takeout to export files or Google Transfer to move data from your SAIC Gmail account to a personal Gmail account.

How can I move my email history to a non Google account?

The only way to move your email history to a non-Google account is to use Google Takeout to then import the emails into your preferred email system. Google Takeout backs up the entire email system, including storage, unless you deselect those options. If the destination email is Microsoft Outlook, you can open the exported Google files (mbox) by installing Thunderbird and Outlook on your computer at the same time. Thunderbird is free and will help convert the Google mbox into a format (PST) that Outlook can import.

Note: There are many mbox converters online. Some are free and others cost money. The Thunderbird option is free and it works on both Mac and PC.

Does this mean my current SAIC email will not be recognized by Gmail if I try to sign-in on or after August 15, 2022?

Yes; as of August 15, 2022 alum emails will no longer be in service and access will be denied.

After I get an address, will emails sent to my SAIC email be forwarded to my new address?

No, there is no automatic forwarding from your address to — your address will be retired. Please set-up a vacation response that provides your new email address, and make sure to move all your important files, folders and contacts to another storage location. You will also need to update your email with any subscriptions and services to ensure you still receive their emails.

What happens to accounts and information we have connected to these emails—especially important ones like businesses, Netflix, Amazon Prime, banks etc.?

Alums are responsible for updating their subscriptions and services to a personal email address. The email address will cease to exist as of August 15, 2022.

Will my stored emails on my address stay stored?

No, alums will have through August 14, 2022 to transfer all contacts, emails, folders, and files to an alternate email address and storage option.​

If I have a YouTube account attached to my email account, how can I download or transfer my videos and other content from YouTube?

You can use Google Takeout and select YouTube videos for export, or use the YouTube Studio to download them. Read this YouTube Help article for more information.

When I enrolled at SAIC, I was told I could use my SAIC email after I graduated. Why has this now changed?

Google has recently announced significant changes to the services they provide to colleges and universities. As you probably know, SAIC uses Google’s platform — consisting of apps and services like GMail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Slides, Sheets etc — as one of its primary digital work and collaboration platforms. Previously, Google provided institutions with unlimited pooled storage across the College for these services — imposing no limit on the amount of files / storage SAIC could use. This will soon change as Google is ending unlimited storage for institutions. All of us will all have to change our overall mindset on file storage and be mindful of the amount of storage space we are using. Unlimited storage is ultimately unsustainable both economically and environmentally, making this transition, while inconvenient, is one we all should ultimately embrace.

How will I access my Handshake account through CAPX without my SAIC email?

Alums will retain full access to Handshake and CAPX resources. If you already have a personal email associated with your Handshake account, simply log in with that. If your Handshake account is attached to your email, or if you're not sure, submit your personal email address here so that CAPX can update your Handshake account. CAPX will email you when your account is updated from (save this email as a safe contact). Contact with any questions or read more information here on how to update your email address with CAPX.

Will I still be able to access other digital resources such as Panopto and other Library resources requiring ARTIC login?

No, ARTIC Accounts for single sign-on and Google accounts are deactivated at the same time.

Can I still log into PeopleSoft to pay my bill or see my course history?

Alums will no longer be able to log into PeopleSoft. To request a transcript, contact the Registrar's Office. Questions associated with a balance owed to SAIC can be emailed to Jackie Smith ( or Debra Stephens ( of the Collections department. There is no need for alums to access PeopleSoft. 

Will I still have access to Canvas?

No, alums will no longer have access to Canvas as of August 15, 2022. Be sure to log in and download any content from your courses that you wish to keep.