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Student standing in colorful art installation

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

At SAIC, you won’t declare a major, but you will start with an idea and choose from a range of media to fulfill your vision.  Want to combine sculpture, ceramics and film?  Concentrate on painting only?  We teach you a way of thinking that prepares you for a successful future regardless of your life path.

Global Internships

Global Internship Opportunities

With one of the oldest and most successful art-related internship programs in the country, you can fill your resume with meaningful job experience before you graduate.

Students watching screen

Liberal Arts

You won't be giving up your passions outside of the arts. 25% of your degree at SAIC is comprised of courses in social science, natural science, and English to ensure your development as a person and maker prepares you for a fulfilling and sustainable creative career after graduation.

Museum visitors in gallery viewing art

Our Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago

At SAIC, the world's third-largest collection of art is an integral part of your educational experience. Access to the Museum of the Art Institute, and over 300,00 works of art, means you will never lack for inspiration.

Chicago Bean and Skyline


Approachable and culturally rich, Chicago is an amazing city comprised of 77 distinct neighborhoods. SAIC is at the center of the city's art and design scene, with faculty and alumni connections providing you with a multitude of networking opportunities.

SAIC students pouring molten metal

Facilities and Resources

From time-honored processes like pouring molten metal and throwing clay, to state-of-the-art 3D printing and laser cutting, you have great tools at your disposal.  We also stock a huge array of photography and filmmaking equipment for loan from our 3 media centers.