New Course Proposal: Committee

The New Course Proposal Committee is chaired by the Director of Registration and Records and meets throughout the year to review and approve faculty/departmental proposals for new courses within the context our existing curriculum and degree programs. 

Committee Members

Director of Registration and Records (Chair)

Dean of Budget, Administration, and Planning

Dean of Graduate Studies

Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Faculty Business Senate Chair

Executive Director of Enrollment Services

John M. Flaxman Library Special Collections Librarian

Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Committee Review Objectives

The committee has several goals when reviewing New Course Proposal forms:

  1. Understand the course’s fit within existing curriculum
  2. Ensure the details regarding course content are clearly articulated and discernible to a college-level reading audience
  3. Monitor overall capacity across and throughout the curriculum and avoid having “too many” planned seats in any level or area
  4. A review of any incremental resources requested as a component of running the new course

After initial review of a course proposal the committee may have feedback and/or questions for the proposing faculty member or department. These typically regard expansions on or changes to the submitted proposal that would facilitate the course’s approval.