Curriculum and Resource Share

This subcommittee is dedicated to improving the scope of the curriculum in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion, working to make interdisciplinary, collaborative resources that can be impactful in all curricula. This subcommittee will work closely with the divisional deans, the faculty senate, and its curriculum committee. Outcomes include defining and implementing a more diverse curriculum.

Action Items

  • Curriculum inventory and toolkit – Several strategies at diversifying curriculum have been undertaken in recent past (e.g., art history, diversity infusion grants); those previous efforts and DEI strategies should be reviewed to determine what strategies were successful, and criteria should be established for what makes good, anti-racist curriculum. Proposals could include expanding or augmenting good examples as well as introducing new initiatives. 
  • SAIC-specific critique guide – Review and, as necessary, update existing critique guide and/or create new critique guide(s) that promote cross-cultural understanding and practices which promote equity and anti-racism.
  • Faculty mentorship – At a School where faculty teach from their practice and research, mentorship and peer support will be essential for helping to make individual courses and student evaluation more anti-racist.


  • Shawn Smith, interim dean of faculty and vice president of academic affairs
  • Olivia Gude, professor

ARC Members

  • Sampada Aranke, assistant professor, art history, theory, and criticism
  • Kirin Wachter-Grene, assistant professor, liberal arts

Other Community Members

  • Sally Alatalo, professor, writing
  • Gregg Bordowitz, professor, low-residency MFA
  • Rebekah Champ, assistant dean, academic advising 
  • Paul Jackson, associate dean of undergraduate studies
  • Dwayne Moser, associate dean of graduate studies
  • Jacob Ristau, associate professor, adjunct, visual communication design
  • Alan Strathmann, assistant professor, adjunct, contemporary practices

Meeting Minutes