On-Campus Resources

Below is a list of the most common On-Campus Resources used by students at SAIC. Click any of the resource names to be directed to resource website. To view our resources all in one place on your phone, get the MySAIC app. Visit the App Store/Google Play and search “MySAIC/AIC.” Once you download the app, select the Student persona and login with your SAIC credentials.

Academic Support

Academic Advising

The main point of contact to help you manage course concerns and personal issues and connect you to resources to support your academic success.

P: 312.629.6800; E: studenthelp@saic.edu

Academic Departments

List of Academic Departments at SAIC

Flaxman Library

Host to hundreds of thousands of books, magazines, movies, and sound recordings. Library staff are ready to chat to help you research and support your learning.

P: 312.899.5097; E: flaxman@saic.edu


A personalized app and desktop platform to help you make advising appointments, find resources on campus, easily view academic information, and stay on top of important dates and deadlines.

Registration and Records

Provides access to student records including enrollment verifications, schedules, and transcripts. In addition to Academic Advising, can help students add, drop, or withdraw from classes.

 P: 312-629-6700; E: saic.registrar@saic.edu

Writing Center

Offers free, hour-long writing tutorial sessions that assist all students with any stage of the writing process.

P: 312.499.4138; E: writingcenter@saic.edu

Artistic and Professional Development

Career and Professional Experience (CAPX)

Prepares students and alums through career education, and connects them to diverse experiences to build sustainable creative lives.

P: 312.499.4130; E: careers@saic.edu

Fashion Resource Center

Maintains a unique hands-on collection of late 20th- and 21st-century designer garments and accessories representing extreme innovation in fashion.

P: 312.629.6730; E: frc@saic.edu

Roger Brown Study Collection 

House museum, archive, and place for all manner of explorations and studies.

P: 312.899.5131; E: sitegalleries@saic.edu


A student-run gallery at SAIC for the exhibition of student work in two locations on campus: the LeRoy Neiman Center, SITE Sharp Gallery, and a newly renovated gallery space in the Columbus Drive Building.

P: 312.899.5131; E: sitegalleries@saic.edu

Artistic Support

Advanced Output Center

Prototyping lab specializing in laser cutting and 3D digital input and output.

P: 312.629.6688; E: advancedoutput@saic.edu

Instructional Fabrication Shops

Various campus shops equipped with a wide range of hand, power, and stationary tools.

Material Resource Center

Artistic inventory that serves curricular and facility needs, providing convenience and introductory items to help you explore a variety of art-making processes.

P: 312.857.7173; E: saicmaterials@saic.edu

Media Centers

Provide audiovisual equipment and services to support documentation, creation, instructional, and exhibition needs.

P: 312.443.3759

Service Bureau

Professional digital-output center, specializing in laser printing and archival, wide-format inkjet printing with a wide array of finishing services.

P: 312.629.9155; E: servicebureau@saic.edu


Program where used and excess materials can be made available for other students to take. Bring art-making supplies you no longer need and take away materials that you can use.

Health and Wellness

Counseling Services

Assists students in meeting their emotional, psychological, and mental health needs. Provides a number of free sessions and assists students in finding outside treatment providers.

P: 312.499.4271; E: counselingservices@saic.edu

Disability and Learning Resource Center (DLRC)

Facilitates and advocates for reasonable accommodations so that students have equal access to all programs, activities, and services of the institution.

P: 312.499.4278; E: dlrc@saic.edu

Health Services

Provides basic medical care for minor illness and injuries as well as required immunizations at no cost, medical referrals, free STD screening and treatment, and more.

P: 312.499.4288; E: healthservices@saic.edu

Safety and Security

Campus Security

Works to ensure community safety. Present seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and monitors building access, emergency preparedness and response, and issues campus security alerts.

P: 312.899.1230 (emergency number); E: saicse@saic.edu

Title IX

Assists any member of the SAIC community who has experienced or wishes to report sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation.

Title IX Director Robert Babcock, Ed. D. 

Student Services


Assists students with questions related to the ARTICard identification card and UPass public transportation pass.

P: 312.629.9362; E: articard@saic.edu

Campus Life

Oversees student groups and a full schedule of events to help students get involved in the SAIC community.

P: 312-629-6880; E: stulife@saic.edu

International Affairs

Provides advising, advocacy, and resources in support of SAIC's international student population and exchange programs.

P: 312-629-683; E: intaff@saic.edu

Korean and Chinese Student Advising

Assists students in adjusting to SAIC by building a supportive community, identifying personal and emotional concerns of students, and providing appropriate resources.

P: 312-629-6880; E: ccha@saic.edu

Multicultural Affairs

Facilitates interpersonal and intersectional connections with other artists, helping students find enrichment in their learning process, artistic practice, and personal experience.

P: 312-629-6880; E: maffai@saic.edu

Residence Life

Oversees three residence halls, providing a community and home to 900+ artists—new and continuing students—living together.

P: 312-629-6870; E: reslife@saic.edu

Student Financial Services (SFS)

Assists students with questions regarding financial aid, student payroll, billing, refunds, your student account, payment options and more.

P: 312-629-6600; E: saic.sfs@saic.edu