Challenging Perceptions. Impacting Communities.

Our graduates move on to do great things; more than 17,000 alumni impact the world and their communities through their work, scholarship, teaching, and service. As artists, designers, entrepreneurs, curators, writers, historians, filmmakers, musicians, educators, administrators, community leaders, activists, and preservationists, SAIC's alumni use their interdisciplinary education to challenge the status quo. They provide creative and innovative solutions that have a positive impact on every aspect of our lives.

Their accomplishments are many and diverse. Whether it is winning a prestigious arts grant award (Julia Rhoads, MFA 2004) or helping young women from the Chicago community find their voices through art (Scheherazade Tillet, MA 2005)—SAIC's alumni impact our cultural landscape in powerful ways every day.

Giving back to SAIC is important to helping maintain SAIC’s ongoing position as one of the most influential art schools, something we can continue connecting with as alumni. This also means helping to ensure that SAIC is able to grow technologically and educationally in relation to its fine arts focused curriculum.

—Brenna Quinn (BFA 2011)

Garland Taylor

Garland Taylor

Garland Martin Taylor (BA 2005, MA 2007) is a sociocultural critic who writes with his sculptures. In 2015, he toured the country with his sculpture Conversation Peace, a 400-pound steel .38-caliber revolver stamped with the names of children from Chicago who died as a result of gun violence. The piece was presented at Ideas Week in this past fall and was exhibited as part of the Museum of Science and Industry’s Black Creativity juried art exhibition in Chicago.