Wood and Metal Shops

The Columbus Wood Shop and the Columbus Metal Shop are available for all SAIC students to use. Instruction in the safe and proper use of all equipment located in these two shops is provided to students, faculty and staff. Users must attend separate authorizations to be able to use band saws, miter saws, sanders, table saws, oxy-acetylene welding, arc welding, TIB, MIG, plasmacutting, and the grinding facility. A full array of hand tools and hand-heldpower tools can be checked out for the day and up to overnight with a current school ID. Materials such as construction-grade lumber and plywood, hardwoods, and steel are available for resale to students with their ARTICard. The Wood and Metal Shops also host several demonstrations throughout the academic year. Demonstrations cover topics such as pedestal and display fabrication and the proper use of fasteners and anchors for displaying work.