Stephanie Cristello on the staircase

Anthony Vazquez - Chicago Sun-Times

Stephanie Cristello Named “Someone to Watch in 2024” by Chicago Sun-Times

The Chicago Sun-Times named alum Stephanie Cristello (MFA 2013) as Someone to Watch in 2024, spotlighting Cristello’s unique approach to curation. Her recent curatorial project, Sif Itona Westerberg’s exhibition at the Driehaus Museum, exemplifies the curator’s bold positioning of art in unconventional spaces. The curator identifies her superpower as the ability to build personal connections with the artists whose work she wants to showcase. Westerberg, the Danish artist on display, says: “Sometimes, you feel like you have to explain everything and really make sure, especially with the curator, that they understand what your work is about. With Stephanie, she just got it.”

Cristello began her curatorial career as the artistic director of EXPO CHICAGO in 2013. Since then, Cristello has collaborated with Chicago’s major museums and art institutions, including the DuSable Black History Museum and Education Center.