Interviews with AIADO Students

Lanye Luo (BFA 2018)

"What I learned from the interdisciplinary as a designer is to take the initiative and design my own agenda. Let the curriculum and courses supplement your interests and passions."

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AIADO Students

Kekeli Sumah (MArch 2019)

"As a city, Chicago has influenced how I think about the scope of my work. I used to confine my work to paper and to the studio, but there is a lot of freedom here and a lot of opportunity to work with organizations and individuals from many different fields."

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Carrie Wright (MDDO 2019)

"One of my current works is investigating how we understand objects via sound. This work is rooted in questions of access for blind museum patrons and asking what other knowledge about objects can be gained and acknowledged by considering them from a non-visual perspective."

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Juelin Wang (MArch IA 2021)

"I feel like my professor cares about me, even though I’m a student with no background in architecture! He cares about my work. And the school cares about me too, which makes me want to work even harder and show them “Here’s what I can do, and you know what, I can do more, and then more.'"

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Tim Karoleff (MFA DO 2020)

"Currently I’m researching object-oriented ontology and the affectations of movement on the crafting of form. Specifically, I’m looking at the relationships of desire, pleasure, and use between conscious and unconscious objects."

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Lily Hernandez (BFA 2020)

"With my background of painting, I naturally fuse my knowledge of design of painterly compositions where colors and patterns are heavy influences in my practices. With my experimental focus on the color yellow, I study its application in my drawings to develop them into something more than designed drawing."

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Katie Taylor (MArch 2020)

"I first looked into SAIC because of its location in Chicago and its Historic Preservation program (I'm pursuing a certificate in Historic Preservation). My final decision was influenced by SAIC's collaborative art culture and especially their commitment to socially conscious design, which is something that has become integral to my practice as I've grown as a designer."

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Nan Qian (MDDO 2019)

"My major in college was Industrial Design. However, I have always been passionate about design that crosses disciplines. During the five years of work I did before coming to SAIC, I did Industrial design, exhibition planning, and interior design for several companies and on my own."

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Derrick McCormick (MArch IA 2021)

"The rich history of SAIC and Chicago will influence me to develop my future in design from the hands-on studios to the course electives in history and theory. I want to be an innovator for the future and SAIC will allow me the creative freedom and education to achieve the unimaginable."

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Ana Buitrago (BFA 2018)

"I feel that we are able to build really solid technical skills that, when thinking about designed objects, have benefited my practice because I know the limitations and strengths of certain materials that will inform my research for designing."

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Yiwen Chu (MArch IA 2021)

"I am always fascinated by geometry. I believe a sequence of geometry change can, in some degree, mimic and reveal the code of nature. Even though this is my first semester, the interest of geometry form play can be seen in my Sweets Pavilion project in Studio 1 class."

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Rula Zuhour (MArch 2020)

"Through research and design, we are challenging past and existing paradigms of public space, race, class, gender, hygiene, and ecology. I am currently investigating public pools as a center for community activities as well as a legibility tool."

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Arianna Silen (BFA 2019)

"In my practice, I explore tensions between simple geometry, color, symmetry, and balance. I believe in design that is direct and simple. Composed of repeated geometric forms and orchestrated colors, my work aims to create an immediate, visual response."

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Heidi Metcalf (MArch 2019)

"At this moment I am questioning the relationship of architecture and data, and investigating both physical and digital landscapes within which data can be used to create experiential space."

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