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August 24, 2022

Fractures in the Commons Podcast (Fall 2021)

This podcast discusses contemporary issues surrounding art and the commons from the feasibility of democratic spaces within institutions to the commodification of art.  In this week's episode, we are joined by Supreme Hinton, new media artist, for a conversation about NFTs and the art world.  Podcast produced by Michal Dzitko, Charlie Xie, Tacy Wagner, Maddie Zimmerman, and Ziqing Ma.

August 24, 2022

Education, Ecosystems, & Emergence Podcast (Fall 2021)

This podcast will look at two different arts educators and how they have navigated bringing arts classes and art historical content to K through 12 students.  Featuring interviews with Golda Dopp Ovalles, K-12 Education Director at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, and Akilah Halley, Executive Director at Marwen.  Podcast produced by Jakki Cafarelli and Georgia Rose Patterson.

August 13, 2022

Alternative Models in Museum Curation Podcast (Fall 2021)

This podcast discusses museum curation–What is it?  How did curation originate?  What are some of the issues we see in museum curation today? And how can we do it better?  What are some alternative models?  Featuring interviews with Teri Greeves, Artist and Co-Curator of Hearts of Our People: Native Women Artists, and Jill Ahlberg Yohe, Associate Curator of the Minneapolis Institute of Art and Co-Curator of Hearts of Our People: Native Women Artists.  Podcast produced by Reilly Ribeiro, Lizzi Ginsberg, Yesenia Bello, Britton Farrell, and Jenny Zhu.

August 13, 2022

Accountability and Controversy Podcast (Fall 2021)

This podcast discusses accountability and controversy in museums, specifically exploring the different stakeholders that museums are accountable to and how the tensions created by accountability lead to the importance of having strategies for managing controversy.  This topic is explored through the work of the Elmhurst History Museum where Jane works as the museum coordinator.  Featuring an interview with Dave Oberg, Executive Director of the Elmhurst History Museum.  Podcast produced by Benita Nnachortam, Jing Shi, Jane Grossman, and Michelle Davo Ortiz.

August 13, 2022

Local Innovations in Globalized Art Podcast (Fall 2020)

This podcast explores how art exists on the local level in the context of this rapidly globalized world.  Beginning with the consequences of globalization and global art issues, the discussion turned into a more micro analysis of how these aspects of the contemporary world affect art at the local level.  To investigate, Rob and Haley look towards communities they knew well, while Rob has just relocated to Chicago, Haley’s family hails from the small town of Belen, New Mexico.  Both of these communities have rapidly changing and growing arts communities, as well as new or old access to institutional power.  Featuring interviews with Mallory McClaire, Chief of Staff at the Rebuild Foundation, and Jerah Cordova, Former Mayor of Belen, New Mexico.  Podcast produced by Rob Pierce and Haley Bergeson.

August 13, 2022

Activism in Art Podcast (Fall 2020)

This podcast discusses activating the arts in activism.  The discussion focuses on how protests are angry and are young artistic institutions supposed to influence our work.  Featuring an interview with Jessica Cochran, Deputy Director of the Renaissance Society, Lecturer in the Department of Arts Administration and Policy at SAIC, Founder and Owner of Haynes Court Gallery, Arts Consultant, and Independent Curator.  Podcast produced by Chloe Oslin, Ruby Dudasik, and Saijun Wang.

August 13, 2022

Art + Demic Podcast (Fall 2020)

Weekly podcast featuring interviews with artists to discuss how the pandemic has impacted their practice and production, and understand how stability has functioned in their work.  This week's two part episode will focus on the relationship between technology and the arts before, during and after the pandemic.  Featuring an interview with Sierra McKissick, Founder of Art Music Fashion Magazine (AMFM), and Public Programs Coordinator of the Hyde Park Arts Center.  Podcast produced by Myia Brown, Yunyao Que, and Gabriela Trinidad-Pérez.

August 8, 2022

Creative Catalysts: Performance Art Reacting to the Climate Crisis (Spring 2022)

Creative Catalysts: Performance Art Reacting to the Climate Crisis (Spring 2022) The impacts of climate change are already affecting humanity and will impact generations to come; while the issue is real and ongoing reaction and change are slow. How do you get people to notice a crisis that is happening all around them? Cue creativity. Glass Clouds Ensemble (Chamber Music Ensemble, New York City) uses chamber music to highlight productive conversations around the climate crisis. Large scale change is essential and it is necessary for independent voices to build the momentum to achieve change. Join us on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, at 4 PM CST via Zoom to experience the unique ways in which these artists harness performance to inspire action in response to our global climate crisis. Produced by Nina Friedman, Sigrid Neptun, Reilly Ribeiro, Jing Shi (all MAAAP 2023).

August 8, 2022

Navigating Repatriation: Possession and Institutional Storytelling (Spring 2022)

Navigating Repatriation: Possession and Institutional Storytelling (Spring 2022) From a cross-section of North American institutions, this public conversation brings together leading cultural researchers and practitioners for a dialogue on displaced art, repatriation, and collections policies. Produced by Britton Farrell (MAAAP 2023), Michelle Davo Ortiz (MAAAP/MAAH 2024), and Lauren Woolf (MAAAP/MAAH 2024).

August 8, 2022

Breathing Together: Revisioning Technology and Cultural Spaces (Spring 2022)

Breathing Together: Revisioning Technology and Cultural Spaces (Spring 2022) A panel discussion on the combined power of technology and culture for the post-pandemic future. How can we re-imagine, re-evaluate, and re-identify cultural spaces? By viewing this question through the lens of co-inspiration, the discussion will serve as a theoretical foundation for envisioning the future of arts programming and organizational leadership. Please join our conversation between artists, curators, organizers, and educators. Hosted by Arts Administration and Policy graduate students at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in partnership with the Department's emerge: journal of arts administration and policy. Produced by Inés Arango Guingue, Yesenia Bello, Jakki Cafarelli, Lindsey Hayakawa, Megan Morton, Benita Nnachortam, Jane Valentin Grossman, Charlie Xie, and Jiani Zhu (all MAAAP 2023).

August 8, 2022

Caring Tactics for Narrative Representation: A Conversation with Dr. Meranda Roberts and Dr. Onur Öztürk (Spring 2022)

Caring Tactics for Narrative Representation: A Conversation with Dr. Meranda Roberts and Dr. Onur Öztürk (Spring 2022) Colonial practices remain pervasive within the walls of cultural institutions: stolen objects from across the globe are divided into museum wings and categorized by imagined identities. This standard both curates non-Western cultures as monoliths and canonizes a Euro-centric worldview. “Caring Tactics for Narrative Representation” offers perspectives from Dr. Meranda Roberts (Indigenous curator, researcher, and advocate) and Dr. Onur Öztürk (Assistant Professor of Art History at Columbia College Chicago). Öztürk and Roberts will respectively discuss strategies and methodologies for re-presenting Islamic and Native American art and objects in institutions. Moderated by: Maya Ortiz Saucedo (MAAAP/MAAH 2024), Independent Curator Featuring: Dr. Meranda Roberts, Indigenous curator, researcher, and advocate Dr. Onur Öztürk, Assistant Professor of Art History at Columbia College Chicago (Chicago) Co-produced by: Marielle Christena Mervau (MAAAP 2003) Maya Ortiz Saucedo (MAAAP/MAAH 2024) Georgia Rose Patterson (MAAAP 2023) Madeleine Zimmerman (MAAAP/MAAH 2024)

August 6, 2022

Muppet Diplomacy: Children’s Media and Global Cultural Policy (Spring 2022)

Muppet Diplomacy: Children’s Media and Global Cultural Policy addresses how global, socio-political issues are communicated via children’s media and how fictional, lovable characters have been deployed across borders as advocates. From Elmo and his father Louie defining racism in the wake of the George Floyd protests in the United States; to Kami, an HIV-positive Muppet in South Africa promoting global health initiatives; to Noor and Aziz, sibling Rohingya Muppets living in a refugee camp in Bangladesh. Children’s media serves as a dynamic platform for international representation and peacebuilding opportunities. Moderated by:Sidney Mori Garrett (MAAAP 2023) Project Row Houses Curatorial Assistant and Arts Coordinator Jamila Johnson (MAAAP 2023) Student-in-Residence for the Association of Art Administration Educators Featuring:JooYoung Choi Creator of “Cosmic Womb” and interdisciplinary artist (Houston)Naomi Moland Author of Can Big Bird Fight Terrorism?: Children’s Television and Globalized Multicultural Education (Washington, D.C.) Co-produced by:Erica Cheung (MAAAP/MAAH 2024)