Enrolled Students Next Steps

In addition to the steps below, add saic-youth@saic.edu to your email contacts. This will prevent important information about your course from being sorted into your spam folder.

  • If you registered online and your child does not have any allergies and/or other medical/health conditions, you do not need to complete this step.

    If you registered your student by phone, email, or submission of a PDF registration form, a signed Consent Form is required to participate in the Middle School Program at SAIC; failure to submit a signed Consent Form prior to the first class may prevent participation. This includes students using tuition vouchers and tuition remission. Please send the signed Consent Form to saic-youth@saic.edu.

    Parents/guardians of students with allergies and/or other medical/health conditions that might require emergency assistance should complete the Allergy History and Emergency Action Plan Form, or email saic-youth@saic.edu. This information is confidential and only shared with program staff.  Please resubmit all medical forms each term, even if you submitted them previously.

  • Parents/guardians of students with disabilities that may require accommodations are advised to contact the Disability and Learning Resource Center (DLRC) to schedule a time to meet with one of their staff to discuss all accommodation needs.

    SAIC is committed to providing opportunities for full participation in all programs for students with disabilities, including Continuing Studies students and Students at Large. Disabled students should first contact the DLRC to request reasonable accommodations. To plan for the most effective accommodations, we ask that you contact the DLRC at least two weeks before the start date for the course. 

    Disability and Learning Resource Center - To learn more about the DLRC including common accommodations provided by their office, their approach to providing accommodations, and how to schedule an appointment.

    The DLRC can be reached by phone at 312.499.4278 or email at dlrc@saic.edu.

  • To confirm the location of your course visit continuingstudies.saic.edu/middle-school-program and enter your course number in the field under Middle School Program Courses.

    Occasionally course locations change prior to the start of class. We also encourage you to check the location at the link above in the days leading up to the start of class.

    AIC-FRONT: Front lobby of the Art Institute of Chicago, 111 South Michigan Avenue 
    280: 280 Building, 280 South Columbus Drive 
    LV: Lakeview Building, 116 South Michigan Avenue 
    MC: MacLean Center, 112 South Michigan Avenue 
    SC: Sullivan Center, 36 South Wabash Avenue 
    SP: Sharp Building, 37 South Wabash Avenue

    View a campus map here.


  • Students will need an ARTICard, the SAIC ID, to enter campus buildings. You will receive an email from articard@saic.edu to your home email address in the month prior to the start of your class which details how to submit your identification photo. 

    Students will receive their ARTICard during their first class meeting. Students who registered late or did not submit their photo will have an opportunity to get their ARTICard made on the first day of class.

  • SAIC Continuing Studies values arts classrooms in which all individuals are treated with respect, kindness, and understanding. We work together to build and maintain safe, joyful, and rigorous arts learning environments where all community members are able to learn and grow as artists and people. In order to participate in the Middle School Program, the student and his or her parent/legal guardian must agree that the student will, at all times, abide by the Rules of Conduct below and participate in the Progressive Consequences process as needed. 

    MSP Progressive Consequences and Rules of Conduct

  • Drop-off and pick-up of students will take place at: 
    Sharp Building Lobby (37 South Wabash Ave.)

    First Day Check-IN
    Parents/guardians must accompany their child(ren) on the first day for check-in. On the first day of class, check-in will begin 30 minutes before the class starts. A pick-up pass will be given to parents/guardians during first day check-in when a government-issued ID is presented.

    Following first-day check-in, drop-off times are 20 minutes before class starts. The drop-off location for the student's course will be sent in the Welcome & Next Steps email in the week leading up to class.  

    Pick-up occurs promptly at the end of class.

    Students who do not have permission for unescorted dismissal will be released only to the parents/guardians with a pick-up pass in the designated pick-up location. Parents/guardians who do not give permission for unescorted dismissal will be required to park and pick their children up from the lobby of the pick-up location. 

    To grant permission for unescorted dismissal parents/guardians must fill out the Permission for Unescorted Dismissal form online or on the first day of class in-person. This form allows students to leave on their own at the end of class to meet a parent or guardian. It does not allow them to leave before the end of the class on their own.

    **We do not have the flexibility to accommodate last-minute changes in drop-off times, or early pickups after 11:30 a.m. or 3:30 p.m. in the fall or spring. During the summer, we cannot accommodate last-minute changes in drop-off times, or early pickups after 3:30 p.m.**

  • Important Dates:

    • June 19, Juneteenth, no classes
    • July 4, Independence Day, no classes
    • July 6-7, NASCAR, pre- and post-road closures
    • August 1-4, Lollapalooza, pre- and post-road closures

    **Please be aware that classes are held in downtown Chicago and occasionally, we may be impacted by protests and other events. While we will make every effort to notify you via email, there may be instances where these events occur unexpectedly.**

    Student Drop-off & Pick-Up Procedures:

    MSP drop off and pick up, 37 S. Wabash Avenue
    Due to NASCAR Chicago & Lollapalooza, there will be road closures in and around the vicinity of the SAIC campus. Roads leading into and around downtown may become blocked as the city prepares for, and cleans up from the event.

    We strongly advise families to use public transportation. Details regarding road closures will be sent closer to the event.

    Information on public parking can be found at saic.edu/visit/directions-campus

  • You will receive an email from saic-youth@saic.edu in the days leading up to the start of class. The subject line will include Welcome & Next Steps.

    • In this email you will find:

      • A reminder to complete the steps outlined on this page
      • Information regarding first day check-in
      • Guidelines for drop-off and pick-up

  • Continuing Studies invites friends and families to MSP Open Studios, an opportunity to admire students' artwork and engage with the artists. You will receive an email invitation from saic-youth@saic.edu with the day and time following the start of the session.


    • Check-in will occur promptly at the start of the event.
    • Parents and guardians should bring the student’s pick-up pass and a government-issued photo ID for check-in.
    • A staff member will check you in at the security desk and direct you to your student’s classroom at the start of the event.

    Interact With the Artwork

    • Wander through the classroom to admire the artwork and engage with students to learn about their artwork, materials, and inspirations.
    • Strike up conversations with students. Ask about their artwork, the materials they used, techniques they learned, group projects, and what inspired them.
    • Take a stroll through different classrooms to see what other classes and students created.
    • There will be a short presentation for all the attendees, including a quick overview of what the students learned during the course and the projects they completed.


    • It is recommended to keep the student’s work on display until the end to give everyone a chance to enjoy the exhibition.
    • Parents and guardians are asked to complete a Caretaker Evaluation Form.
    • Remember to take your artwork and belongings home, and bring bags to carry your students’ creative treasures.


    IMPORTANT: If your student is unable to attend the last class, email saic-youth@saic.edu to ensure that your student takes their artwork home on their final day.