Fall U-Pass

Fall 2021 U-Pass 

For the fall 2021 semester, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) will once again allow eligible students–those who are registered as full-time–to opt in or out of the U-Pass program. To opt in or out of the fall U-Pass, you must respond to the official email that will be sent to your SAIC email address in mid July. If we do not receive your response by September 14, then your CTA fall U-Pass will not be activated, and you will not be charged.

The CTA fall U-Pass will be active from August 28–December 22 and is available for $155 (plus a $5 card fee for new users). To opt in, you must be registered full-time during the fall semester to be eligible. If you are eligible for the program by Tuesday, August 24, your CTA U-Pass card will be activated on Saturday, August 28. If you become eligible for the program after August 24, it will take 2-3 business days for your CTA U-Pass card to be activated.

Please note, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago does not have jurisdiction over the CTA U-Pass program. The CTA, which administers the U-Pass program for degree-seeking students at Chicago-based colleges and universities, will only charge students who opt in and are full-time as of September 14. If you drop below full-time by September 14, you are no longer eligible, and the CTA fall U-Pass charge will be removed from your account. If you opt in and are a full-time student on or after September 14, you will be charged the full amount, whether you use the CTA fall U-Pass or not.

On September 14, students who have dropped below full-time (below six credit hours) will have their U-Pass entitlement deactivated, and their card will operate as a full-fare card.

Remember: You will use the same Ventra U-Pass card that you used during the previous semesters. If your card has been lost or stolen, contact the ARTICard Office for information on obtaining a replacement.

If you have any questions about the U-Pass, please contact the ARTICard office at articard@saic.edu.