The ARTICard is the identification card for SAIC students, faculty, and staff. It provides access to campus buildings and school privileges and also allows cardholders to purchase items and services at select locations on and off campus.

By depositing money onto the card, it can be used to make copies, print projects, do laundry, purchase books and supplies, and buy food on and off campus. There is no membership fee, service charge, or minimum balance. The balance carries over from semester to semester, year to year until the account is closed.

The ARTICard is your permanent ID card. As long as you are registered for classes or employed by the Art Institute of Chicago, your ARTICard is valid, and you are eligible for all of its privileges.

Getting your first ARTICard is fast and easy. Simply visit the ARTICard/U-Pass Office, read and sign the terms and conditions, and take a picture. You can also deposit money to your ARTICard account at the same time. You must present a valid government-issued photo ID or passport to pick up your ARTICard.


If you are under 18 and taking part in the Continuing Studies programs, please read and sign the youth terms and conditions. 


Extended Hours

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