Toward the end of his life, Roger Brown began making major gifts to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In 1997, Brown bequeathed all unsold paintings at the time of his death to SAIC, transferring the representation of his posthumous career to the School.

Works from the Estate Painting and Print collections are offered for sale to museums and private collectors and are available for loan to museum exhibitions. Proceeds from the sale of paintings and prints provide a significant source of operating support for the Roger Brown Study Collection and the Roger Brown property in New Buffalo, Michigan.

The Roger Brown Estate of SAIC is represented by Kavi Gupta. For information about works for loan to museum exhibitions or for sale, please contact:

Kavi Gupta
835 W. Washington Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60607

Roger Brown Master Artworks Digital Collection
A large but not complete collection of works by Roger Brown from 1966 to 1997

Roger Brown Catalog of Works

We maintain an internal database catalog of Brown's work, including information on all known public and private collections that own works by Brown. We strive to locate all of Brown's works and we welcome collectors to contact us if you own a work by Roger Brown. We do not share contact information; we notify collectors of queries for loans from museums, and/or reproduction permissions. SAIC owns the © to all works by Roger Brown (unless otherwise assigned), and licenses reproductions for all manner of publications. We attempt to notify owners when works are licensed for reproduction.

For additional information or to provide information for the internal Roger Brown database please contact


We can make a wealth of artistic, personal, and intellectual resources from the Roger Brown Study Collection archive available to scholars, curators, collectors, and others. The archive includes Brown's sketchbooks; from these we can often provide images for a specific work or art or for a time frame in Brown's career. For some works we can provide provenance, exhibition and publication histories, and/or information about Brown's ideas and creative process.