Roger Brown Residency

Roger Brown

Roger Brown Residencies in New Buffalo Michigan: Two-Week Residencies
Dates TBD

Due to the pandemic and associated travel restrictions/health and safety measures, we are not accepting applications at this time for the Roger Brown Residency. We will open the application process and announce the residency opportunities as soon as we are able to.

Open to all faculty in the degree program and full-time SAIC Staff

One resident is selected for each two-week period, with exclusive use of the fully furnished, secluded house, guesthouse, and studio overlooking the Galien River to the east and across the street from Lake Michigan to the west. Architect George Veronda, Roger Brown's partner, designed the modernist glass and steel structure and its furnishings in 1979 as a showcase for Brown's extensive art collection. In 1998, Brown gave the property to SAIC as a gift and it has been used as a year-round residency and retreat center ever since. Located 75 miles from Chicago, it is a 1.5 hour drive or train commute. A car is recommended, but Amtrak's Wolverine Line has daily service to New Buffalo, with a stop about 1/4 mile from the house.

All faculty and staff who receive residencies must consult their department chairs/directors or supervisors to coordinate time off. The school does not underwrite substitute teachers for faculty to attend residencies. Staff must claim PTO in order to attend.

Please note that pets are not allowed on the property in order to preserve the artwork, house, and grounds.

Eligibility Criteria

Faculty in the degree program are eligible to apply for any of the three residencies, while full-time staff are eligible only for the Roger Brown Residency in New Buffalo, Michigan. Selections are based on the strength of the proposal, the applicant’s record of creative and scholarly achievements, the length of tenure at the institution, and the candidate’s history of awards from SAIC. For full-time faculty, priority consideration will be given to applicants who have actively contributed to the school community. Applicants who are not in compliance with SAIC required trainings and/or who have not fulfilled credential documentation requirements will not be considered.


Summer residencies are generally awarded to full-time faculty, while lecturer and adjunct ranked faculty, full-time staff, and faculty on sabbatical are generally awarded between September and May.

Residencies are typically 13 days in length—from Tuesday to the next Sunday. Applicants should identify several potential dates in descending order of preference if possible.

Future dates will be posted when as soon as we have more information about the re-opening.