MSP Fall and Spring: Tuition and Financial Assistance


Tuition is $465 per 10-week, noncredit course. Supplies are provided to the student at no additional cost.

Tuition Discounts

Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) Members: $418

AIC members are eligible for a 10 percent discount on Middle School Program courses. In order for the student to receive this discount, a membership number and expiration date must be provided each semester at the time of registration.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) Alumni: $349

Children of SAIC degree program alumni are eligible for a 25 percent discount on tuition for Middle School Program courses. In order to receive this discount, a valid Alumni ID card number and graduation year must be provided at the time of registration.

Note: Only one AIC Member or SAIC Alumni discount may be applied to a student’s account per semester. Discounts must be applied at the time of registration; discounts will not be applied retroactively, and refunds will not be issued to correct overpayment.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance is available in the form of need-based aid, the merit-based Joanne Alter Scholarship, and employee tuition remission.

Note: Students must apply for financial assistance at the time of registration and cannot register by phone. Once registered for a particular term, students may not retroactively apply for financial assistance.

Need-based Aid

Limited need-based aid is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants must submit a completed financial assistance form, financial documentation, a completed registration form, and $50 tuition deposit. Financial documentation must include a copy of the family's most recent tax return 1040. The deadline for spring need-based aid is January 17. The deadline for summer need-based aid is April 10. 

Download the CW-MSP-ECP Financial Aid Form‌ [PDF]

The Joanne Alter Scholarship

The Joanne Alter Scholarship is a merit-based fund that will benefit one Middle School Program student each fall and spring semester. The scholarship will cover 100 percent tuition for one 10-week course.

See Forms and Downloads for a copy of the Joanne Alter Scholarship Application Form.

See Calendar at left for current semester deadline.

Employee Tuition Remission

Employee Tuition Remission forms are due at the time of registration. Remission registration is a two-step process:

  • Obtain an Employee Tuition Remission form in Human Resources at the Art Institute of Chicago, 116 South Michigan Avenue, 12th floor, or download from the AIC Intranet
  • Submit completed Employee Tuition Remission and registration forms to Continuing Studies, 36 South Wabash Avenue, suite 1201

Questions regarding eligibility should be directed to Human Resources at 312.629.3379 or

Third-Party Billing and Sponsored Students

Third-party billing is when a company or government/outside agency has established special billing arrangements to cover tuition and/or fees for students that it sponsors. Continuing Studies must receive an authorization from the sponsoring agency before third-party billing can be processed. All billing authorizations—which may be a letter, purchase order, or voucher—must be on official agency letterhead and signed by an officer of the organization.

Payment by the sponsor must be made directly to Continuing Studies; agreements where payments are sent to the student cannot be honored. All authorizations must include the term that the authorization is in effect. Continuing Studies cannot accommodate any restrictions or contingencies on the authorization. For instance, if the agency requires transcript information before payment, Continuing Studies cannot authorize third-party billing.

All sponsored students are required to complete a Tuition Repayment Agreement (promissory note) in order to be registered for the class and to initiate third-party billing. In the event of nonpayment or partial payment by the third-party agency, the student will be charged for the unpaid amount. Third parties are invoiced after the class is confirmed to run. Payments must be made within 30 days of billing. If payment is not received within 30 days, the agency and the student will be notified, and the student will be billed for the unpaid amount as authorized on the Tuition Repayment Agreement. Any charges that are not paid by the sponsor are billed to the student.

See Forms and Downloads for a copy of the Tuition Repayment Agreement.