What Does Online Learning Look Like?

At the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), the nation’s premier art and design school, we understand that self-expression, out-of-the-box thinking, and cultural awareness flourish when kids make art. With us, students learn to explore, imagine, and discover in their own unique ways. We help them on their path to becoming the creators, innovators, and problem-solvers of the future regardless of where their academic interests take them. Join our talented teaching artists in a dynamic, interactive online learning environment that combines virtual visits to the Art Institute of Chicago and other exciting sites online with live demonstrations, studio exercises, and real-time feedback from your instructor.

Example daily schedule:

10-10:15 Log onto your Zoom class: Welcome, community building & reflection

10:15-10:30 Demonstration of skills and techniques & inspiration from your instructor

10:30-11:00 Group work: Class discussions, making together, virtual museum visits, and more

11:00-11:45 Working and making time, check-ins with instructors, stretch breaks as needed (chat will be active so you can stay engaged with your peers and instructors)

11:45- 12:00 Workshare, reflection, learn about the one hour of independent content for that week 

12:00-1:00 Each class period will end with one hour of more independent learning; the instructor will provide videos, projects, and other materials for students to engage with 

Common Questions:

Supplies are not provided for online courses. Instructors will prepare a list that includes common household art-making materials with some items to be purchased. 

Supply lists for courses can be found at the link below one week prior to the first meeting or sooner. 

Course Supply Lists

Yes, you will be engaged for the full three hours, however, you will not be looking at your computer screen the whole time. You will be in the Zoom meeting for two hours of online class time and your instructor will provide you with one hour of content to engage with more independently (with the option to have cameras off) for the final hour before check-outs. This content will include things like tutorials to follow along with, independent projects, fun arts-based challenges, and time to continue work on your in-class art pieces. This final hour ensures that students have to opportunity to switch up the mode of learning that they are engaged with over the class period.