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Internship at Steve Madden NYC

Haley Goldberg at her internship with Steve Madden in New York city.

A wide range of diverse organizations, businesses, and studios are eager to host SAIC students as interns. CAPX has established relationships with hundreds of internship sites, and an extensive database available on Handshake. Meet with a CAPX advisor for assistance with researching, applying and interviewing for internships. CAPX is constantly developing new relationships with internship providers, and regularly partners with students in creating new opportunities. If you are interested in an internship that you have found on your own, CAPX will work with you to ensure that it meets established guidelines, and can be approved for credit. 

Use our comparison chart to determine which internship course is best for you. View or download our informational guide regarding for-credit internships at SAIC here.

The online college-to-career platform, Handshakeconnects students and alumni to more than a thousand internships, job opportunities, and potential employers, and also provides students and alumni with direct access to CAPX advising appointments, workshops, events, and other career resources.

Professional Practice 3900: Internship as Professional Experience

This career experiential learning course integrates an internship of 150-180 hours with a weekly two-hour class and fulfills SAIC’s Professional Practices requirement. Students engage with a cohort of students participating in diverse internships while exploring the many aspects of designing a creative career, from assessing personal interests to conducting research, networking with professionals, developing job application materials, and building interview skills. Students develop a professional online presence and prepare a plan for life after SAIC. Students must secure their internships before the first day of class. Once students find their internship they must visit the CAPX office to get it approved for credit and register for the internship. 

Once students find their internship they must visit the CAPX office to get it approved for credit and register for the internship. 

826 Chicago Internship

826 Chicago Internship

CAPX Internship 4001/5001 

The CAPX Internship is designed to provide students an opportunity to extend their education beyond the classroom and gain experience as interns in professional arts-related environments. CAPX Internship 4001/5001 is a course. Students are assigned a faculty member who serves as a mentor and leads two required seminars, an individual student meeting, and a site visit. Students are required to work 210 hours to earn 3 credits per semester. Credit is awarded by the faculty member.

Once students secure an internship they must visit the CAPX office to get it approved for credit and register for the internship course. International students require CPT authorization to participate in an off-campus internship, and may not begin their internship until CPT authorization has been processed.

* F-1 International students cannot work off-campus unless you are earning course credit through one of our Internship options and processed a Curricular Practical Training (CPT) authorization. Visit International Affairs for more information. 

* There are three compensation types for internships: 1) Non-Paid; 2) Employer paid; and 3) Federal Work Study (FWS). FWS hourly rates are set by SAIC at $13.00/hr for undergraduate students and $13.50/hr for graduate students.