Expert Exchange

Individual and Group Virtual Sessions with Creative Professionals

Expert Exchange offers students and alumni the opportunity to connect virtually, either individually or with a group, with creative professionals and Chicago business leaders about venture ideas and future careers. 

Held weekly during the fall and spring semesters, Expert Exchange is a great opportunity to gain industry insight and personalized career advice as well as answers to your specific questions.


Curious about how to prepare?

While it is not necessary to share your work or professional materials to an Expert Exchange meeting, we do suggest that you:

  • Research the experts and their industries.
  • Register to meet with an Expert.
  • Prepare questions for the Expert.
  • Please let us know at least 2 days before if you are unable to attend.

More questions about what to expect? Make an appointment with a CAPX advisor on Handshake or send us an email at

Have suggestions about an Expert you would like to meet? Click here.

Registering As An Employer


Our Experts volunteer for up to four 30-minute sessions to consult with students and recent alumni during the fall and spring semesters.

How to Sign Up

Meetings are set up with either Zoom or Google Hangouts.

For any questions, contact either our Internship Coordinator and Career Advisor, Angela Lopez at  or our Assistant Director of Employer Relations, Theresa Gimpel: