Meet the CAPX Team

Meet the CAPX Team!

We prepare students and alums through career education, and connect them to diverse experiences to build sustainable creative lives. 

CAPX advisors prepare students and alumni in developing unique career paths that are creatively satisfying, challenging, and rewarding. We work with students at all levels and tailor our coaching to serve students’ individual needs. We can help you to identify your strengths, skills, and values, and we can assist you in exploring career options, fellowships, and grant opportunities; connecting with alumni and professional networks; developing professional portfolios and establishing an online presence; and applying for internships, jobs, and other professional opportunities.

Office Assistants
Marley Anderson Headshot

Marley Anderson, Office Assistant

Aashina Singh Headshot

Aashina Singh, Office Assistant

Vera Videnovich Headshot

Vera Videnovich, Office Assistant

Oliva Moy Headshot

Olivia Moy, Office Assistant

Jayden Edwards Headshot

Jayden Edwards, Office Assistant

Ginny Gregory Headshot

Ginny Gregory, Office Assistant