Frequently Asked Questions

What is CAPX?

We are here for you virtually! Career and Professional Experience, or CAPX (pronounced "kap-eks"), is the one-stop shop for SAIC students and alumni to develop their professional materials, receive valuable career advice, and plan for their creative futures. Schedule a virtual appointment with one of our Career Advisors through Handshake.

CAPX is also the best way for employers to engage with the SAIC community, either by posting jobs, internships, or other opportunities via Handshake, or by getting involved in our programming and events including the SAIC Internship and Career Expo or Expert Exchange.

Further questions about our services? Email us at!

All appointments are now virtual appointments. We can talk with you on the phone or through Google Hangouts. Follow the steps below to schedule your appointment:

  • Log onto Handshake, select “Career Center,” then “Appointments,” then “Schedule a New Appointment.”
  • Send your advisor your phone number before the scheduled time of your appointment.
  • Email or message your advisor through Handshake if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment.
  • If you would like your advisor to review a document, resume, or portfolio, please send your advisor the attachments by email, share links to your websites, or share information through Google shared documents.

The CAPX team is working to provide virtual programs for students and alums like Expert Exchange and the Fulbright Information Session. Log onto Handshake and visit the events page for updates.

Begin your search on Handshake, where new jobs are posted daily. CAPX advisors are here to help you with your search, so make an appointment to meet with an advisor on Handshake through the steps listed above.

Contact Theresa Gimpel, Assistant Director of Employer Relations, at