Frequently Asked Questions

What is CAPX?

Career and Professional Experience, or CAPX (pronounced "kap-eks"), is the one-stop shop for SAIC students and alumni to develop their professional materials, receive valuable career advice, and plan for their creative futures.

CAPX is also the best way for employers to engage with the SAIC community, either by posting jobs, internships, or other opportunities via Handshake, or by getting involved in our programming and events including the SAIC Internship and Career Expo or Expert Exchange.

How can I apply for internships? When and where can I apply?

Handshake is our online platform that features employers that have posted opportunities directly via CAPX. Apply for positions according to the instructions provided in the position listing. To register an internship for course credit, visit CAPX between 9:00 am–4:00 pm, Monday–Friday; no appointment is necessary to register internships. Registrations must be completed by the Add/Drop deadline for each semester and internships cannot be registered for credit retroactively.

CAPX offers two different ways in which you can use your internship for credit: through the CAPX Internship (4001 is for undergraduates; 5001 is for graduate students), or through Professional Practice 3900: Internship as Professional Experience. CAPX advisors are here to help guide you during your internship search, provide feedback on your professional materials, and support you throughout the application process.

Read or download our informational PDF on for-credit internships here.

NOTE: You MUST register an internship with CAPX to be fully enrolled in either Prof Prac 3900 or CAPX 4001/5001. Students without internships past the add/drop deadline will not be eligible to remain in either course. Either option satisfies studio and/or off-campus credit. The ProfPrac 3900 class also satisfies the Professional Practice requirement. Students must register and pay tuition for all for-credit internships. For more details, stop by the CAPX office.

Is Handshake the only place I can find internships? What should I do if my desired internship isn’t listed, or if I found one elsewhere?

We accept many kinds of internships that might not be posted on Handshake. However, all employers must follow SAIC guidelines and sign our Program Agreement, and not every kind of internship is eligible for course credit. We encourage you to get in touch with a CAPX advisor with any specific questions about internships, registration, and eligibility.

How do I find jobs on campus?

Handshake is also the school's platform for all on-campus jobs. Available positions throughout every department at SAIC are listed on the site, and applications can also be submitted directly via the Handshake platform. 

How many hours do I need to work at my internships to earn 3 credit hours?

For Professional Practice 3900, the requirement is 150 hours per semester; for CAPX Internship 4001, the requirement is 210 hours. For more information, visit our CAPX Internships page. For the CAPX Internship option, you can choose between 1.5-3 credits depending on how many hours you work.

Read or download our informational PDF on for-credit internships here.

How do I set up an advising appointment?

Click here to make an appointment with a career advisor of your choice for a 30-minute session, or come in for a check-in during our walk-in hours between 12:00 p.m.–1:00 p.m., Monday–Friday.

How do I find out more about programs, events, and other things happening at CAPX?

Visit our Programs and Events page to see what’s coming up on our programming calendar. Also, be sure to follow us on social media for the latest updates:

Facebook – Instagram – Twitter 

I’m an International Studies student. What are my options for internships and other CAPX resources?

F-1 International students are not eligible to work off-campus unless they are earning course credit through one of our internship options and processed a Curricular Practical Training (CPT) authorization. Visit International Affairs or meet with a CAPX advisor for more details.

I would like to hire an SAIC student to intern at my organization / company / studio. How do I do this?

CAPX Internships students the opportunity to earn course credit while participating in arts-related work experiences. Through the program, internship providers are able to work with highly talented students and benefit from their advanced artistic and technological training and skills. 

CAPX Internships center around a class for which students register for credit and pay tuition. The program has been developed over many years to ensure that each student who participates receives the most valuable internship experience possible. 

Before submitting a position description on Handshake, we recommend reviewing the NACE Principles for Professional Practice for Career Services and Employment Professionals available at:, and the U.S. Department of Labor Internship Programs Under The Fair Labor Standards Act at:

Are all internship opportunities eligible?

Visit our Is It an Internship? page and review our Program Agreement to ensure that your opportunity fits within our guidelines.

For questions and more information, please contact our Assistant Director of Employer Relations, Theresa Gimpel:

What are some ways I can get involved with CAPX and the SAIC community?

In addition to recruiting or posting job and internship opportunities via Handshake, we encourage you to participate in the annual SAIC Internship and Career Expo in November or our weekly Expert Exchange series. Also, be sure to subscribe to our employer newsletter, CAPX Connects, to receive more information about CAPX news, programming, and opportunities to engage with the SAIC community.

I would like to recruit on-campus. How do we set this up?

For inquiries regarding recruiting on campus, please contact our Assistant Director of Employer Relations, Theresa Gimpel at

Can I still meet with an advisor?

Our advisors will always be available for you to discuss your career options; offer advice on résumés, cover letters, or other professional materials; or help you explore postgraduate opportunities including residencies, grants and fellowships, and graduate school. Make an appointment here.

How can I give back to the SAIC community and CAPX in particular?

Our Expert Exchange program is held every Friday at CAPX, giving you an opportunity to be an Expert and share your creative experience directly with students in a one-to-one setting.

You can also register to represent your company or organization at our annual SAIC Internship and Career Expo in November.