Is It An Internship?

For-Credit Internships at SAIC

Through CAPX, SAIC students are able to participate in the largest and most successful arts-related internship program in the country.

Visit our CAPX Internships page to learn more about our students’ options for internships at SAIC.

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Internship Guidelines

Approved for-credit internships must meet the following criteria:

Student Supervision – Supervisors share their expertise with interns to ensure an educational experience for them that is related to the student's curricular interests. Interns should be supervised during work hours and should recieve routine feedback from their supervisor. 

Workplace – Interns are provided a dedicated professional workplace or work-related job site. In the case of remote internships, there should be a clear understanding of the expected work hours, taking time zones into consideration, and the preferred frequency of online meetings between the supervisor and the intern and the tool for conducting meetings. Resources and systems to be used for remote working to complete internship responsibilities should be provided.

Student Safety and Liability – For-credit internship providers must maintain safe, low-risk work environments. Interns must be covered by General Liability Insurance during the internship. 

Use of a Motor Vehicle - Student interns are not permitted use their own cars or internship provider vehicles for any purpose related to their internship position. Interns may drive their own car to the internship workplace or work related job site.

Program Agreement - For-credit internship providers must sign a Program Agreement confirming the organization’s understanding of the expectations of the CAPX Internship program and insurance coverage.

For the full list of guidelines click HERE or for more information contact Assistant Director of Employer Relations Theresa Gimpel, at: