Level Up Grants

Apply through Slideroom

Deadline: April 12, 2018

You’ve heard it many times in final critiques: “If you had more time, you could…

Or maybe you’ve made tests or prototypes that never go past that first step. You hit a ceiling of what you can do with your project. What if you had support to Level Up? Where would your project go next?

Level Up Grants, created by the Shapiro Center for Research and Collaboration, will help you take your existing projects to the next level. These $500 grants empower you to advance independent or course-based projects to new levels of accomplishment, finish, detail, audience, and more.

  • Need a few dozen micro-controllers to make your machine really work?
  • Need to order special fabric for that dress to make it more than a muslin mockup?
  • Need to make your project bigger?
  • Need multiples of your project to test a market?
  • Need commercially-produced prototyping?
  • Need to travel to situate your site-specific piece?
  • Need to expand your epic poem by visiting an inspirational place?

Twenty (20) prizes of $500 each to students to advance an existing project to new levels.


  • Open to all undergraduate and graduate students in any discipline.
  • Work may be independent work or work made for a course.
  • Have a faculty sponsor.

Students must:

  • Have a project in progress, not just an idea for a future project.
  • State the current “ceiling” for the project and how $500 would raise that ceiling.
  • Consult with a faculty member as a “sponsor/mentor” for the project.
  • If awarded, recipients must document the “Before and After” of the project (by Spring 2019)