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Roger Brown is recognized nationally and internationally for his distinctive artistic vision. Ever alert to the diverse dimensions of 20th-century life, he responded adroitly in works addressing a spectrum of subjects and issues, including: natural, architectural, and urban landscapes; the dichotomy of nature and culture; disasters of all types; current and political events; social, religious, and popular culture; autobiographical, personal, and sexual issues; the art world in many guises; cosmology; mortality; history; mythology; transformation; transportation; and the weather. In 2012 Evan Hughes, Director, Hughes Gallery, Sydney, described Brown as "…an artist I find to be intriguing, crisp and more eloquent for our own time than many living, working painters." 

Please enjoy this online gallery of works in the Roger Brown Estate. Information and images are removed when paintings are sold. Photos by William H. Bengtson.

Roger Brown Master Artworks Website: You may view all known/documented works by Roger Brown, from 1970 to 1997, here. (Images for work from 1966 through 1969 will be available soon.) It works best to scroll down and select browse, then "narrow search by year."

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Reserve Collection

Paintings in the Reserve Collection are not for sale; they are available for loans to museum exhibitions.

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Early Works

Works by Brown from c. 1965–67, his early years as a student at SAIC, convey much about the development of his visual vocabulary as it evolved into his mature works, beginning in 1968. Early works are not for sale; they are available for study and loan to museum exhibitions.

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