SAIC provides excellence in the delivery of a global education in visual, design, media, and related arts set within a broad-based humanistic curriculum in the Liberal Arts and sciences. —SAIC Mission Statement (2004)

A faculty member teaches with two students off to her left


Engagement with the liberal arts and sciences fuels creative production, and vice versa. We want students to understand and articulate the significance of what they produce; to critically engage ideas, arguments, and evidence on issues of concern across the globe; and to nurture lifelong habits of learning, curiosity, and discernment. It’s important for students to cultivate an awareness of their citizenship within an interconnected world. The Liberal Arts curriculum brings together skills in both critical thinking and writing in order to allow students to shape their own meaningful ideas, opinions, arguments, and claims.

The Liberal Arts Department is firmly committed to exposing students to different ways of thinking, problem-solving, and communicating. We condemn racism, discrimination, and bigotry in all its forms, and recognize that racism is systemic and self-perpetuating. Our curriculum aims to reflect these important values, and we welcome the opportunity to grow and change — for our classrooms, our students, and ourselves.

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