Capstone Background

The Capstone course (CAPSTONE 4900), recommended for the final semester of study at SAIC, will be a choice of a six-credit studio course or a three-credit studio seminar that would culminate in the exhibition at the Sullivan Galleries or other capstone experience. The course will be an intensive mentoring class focused on assessing the strengths and weaknesses of previous work such that a coherent portfolio of projects and a mature thesis proposal will be developed for presentation in both school and professional contexts, such as the BFA Show, Time Arts screenings, Performance Festivals, Fashion or Design Show, Academic Symposia, or an off-campus exhibition.

The Capstone is the third and final course in the three-course sequence of Academic Spine courses (SOPHSEM 2900, PROFPRAC 3900, and CAPSTONE 4900), which is required for all freshmen who began their undergraduate degrees at SAIC in Fall 2015 and after (transfer students must take PROFPRAC 3900 and CAPSTONE 4900).


Capstone Course Description

The Capstone (CAPSTONE 4900) course assesses your strengths and weaknesses in your studio and/or scholarly practice through intensive mentoring. You will prepare and execute a plan to display work in a thesis exhibition, or other culminating end-of-year event, or show work in an on-campus or off-campus venue. Due to the demands of this culminating work, you should plan to take Capstone during your final semester of coursework at SAIC.


Capstone: Course Learning Goals

At the conclusion of the Captsone course, students will be able to:

  1. Document a body of focused, self-initiated work that demonstrates conceptual understanding and technical ability.
  2. Engage in practices of critique that position one's own and others’ work in a diverse range of practices and their histories. (Linked to BFA LG 3, 4. Examples of evidence: optional documentation/notes related to student performance at critique.)
  3. Demonstrate the ability to think, speak, and write clearly and effectively with regard to the creative and/or scholarly practice (Linked to BFA LG 4. Evidence: Documentation of Practice written contextualization, evaluated via Rubric on Canvas/Chalk&Wire)
  4. Prepare a plan to display work in a culminating exhibition OR other culminating end-of-year event, OR show work in an on-campus or off-campus venue.


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