Administrative Structure

Within the context of reduced enrollment and our summer 2020 budget reductions, the Administrative Structure Group will:

  • Assess the most significant sources of non-degree revenues:
    • Highlight opportunities to grow existing revenue sources
    • Consider how operational changes have impacted revenue generation
  • Assess resource needs of administrative structures:
    • Reinvestment in anticipation of funding availability
    • Reallocation based on emergent needs and School priorities
    • Reductions in the event of further enrollment decline

Administrative Process

Phase 1

Identify Promising Areas for Study

Revenue study to include: 

  • Review existing revenue sources and consider potential for developing new ones
  • Prioritize most promising revenue generation ideas
  • Establish subgroups and propose plans for how existing streams can be enhanced and/or new ones introduced

Administrative structure study to include: 

  • Prioritize administrative structures that align with our educational mission and values
  • Assessment of post-pandemic needs and current structures and staffing levels
  • Compare spending averages with AICAD peers

Phase 2

Propose and Implement Recommendations

  • Develop final non-degree revenue assessment reports and recommendations
  • Consider incremental resource allocations or reallocations based on phase 1 work (and fall 2021 enrollment status)
  • Coordinate with the other long-range planning groups


Administrative Process Timeline

  • Complete Phase 1: summer 2021
  • Complete Phase 2: winter 2022

Administrative Structure Membership

Chair: Brian Esker

Tom Buechele
Vice President for Campus Operations
President’s Cabinet / Provost Posse / Academic Steering Committee / Fiscal Affairs / FBS IRTC / Department Heads

Paul Coffey
Vice Provost and Dean of Community Engagement
President’s Cabinet / Provost Posse / Department Heads

Felice Dublon
Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs
President’s Cabinet / Provost Posse

Hope Esser
Associate Professor, Adjunct, Contemporary Practices
Part-time Rep.-at-Large / FBS Adjunct Senator / Part-Time Concerns / Fiscal Affairs / Department Heads

Eric Hotchkiss
Assistant Professor, Adjunct, Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects
DAG Connectivity Committee / ARC SAIC in North Lawndale Subcommittee

Eric Lebofsky
Senior Administrative Director, Painting and Drawing
Department Heads

Rose Milkowski
Vice President of Enrollment Management
President’s Cabinet / Provost Posse / Department Heads

Ayanah Moor
Associate Professor, Printmedia
Assessment Steering Committee

Mike Nicolai
Chief Human Resources Officer
President’s Cabinet / Part-Time Concerns / Fiscal Affairs / Advisory Council on Staff Engagement / FBS Handbook Committee / Chair, Workplace Accessibility and Accommodations Committee / ARC Climate and Accountability Subcommittee

Stephanie Oberhausen
Vice President for Advancement
President’s Cabinet

Dev Ravichandran
Vice President of Educational Technologies and Chief Information Officer
President’s Cabinet / Provost Posse / FBS Curriculum Committee / FBS IRTC

Anne Sullivan
Associate Professor, Historic Preservation
Co-Chair FBS Fiscal Affairs Committee

Gretchen Talbot
Dean of Administration, Budget, and Planning

Jan Tichy
Associate Professor, Photography, Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects, and Art and Technology Studies
FBS Senator / Chair, Remote Events Committee / Workplace Accessibility and Accommodations Committee