SAIC's Food Pantry

SAIC's Food Pantry is available to current SAIC students who are experiencing difficulty accessing food because of a financial emergency or ongoing constraints. Students can request a pre-packaged bag of non-perishable groceries (vegetarian and gluten free available) by completing this form. Once approved, students can discretely pick up a pre-packaged bag of non-perishable groceries through contactless pick-up. If you have questions, contact the Office of Student Affairs, at or 312.629.6800.

History of Spoonful

For years, SAIC has been providing resources to students who are experiencing food, housing, and financial insecurity. Throughout that time, SAIC had been researching what it would take to host a location where students struggling with food insecurity could pick up food in a convenient and safe manner.

In 2020, two students applied for SAIC's Compassion and Belonging Grant with the idea of launching a food pantry. They named their proposed food pantry Spoonful. Despite being hindered by the global pandemic, these students and SAIC collaborated to bring the idea to life. In October 2020, Spoonful was launched.

Food Pantry FAQs

There are two types of food bags, a vegetarian/gluten-free bag and a non-vegetarian bag. Both bags offer a variety of non-perishable foods including oatmeal, peanut butter, rice, canned beans, and canned vegetables.

The non-vegetarian kit includes canned tuna and chicken. The vegetarian kit does not include tuna or chicken, and instead has additional canned goods such as soup and chili.

The bag is intended to last 1 week. Each bag will include a suggested meal breakdown to help you get the most out of your bag.

To help keep the food pantry sustainable, items are purchased in bulk. Because of this, special purchases are generally not possible. If you know that you will not use a certain item, you can specify on the request form that you would like the item removed from the bag.

In addition to the food pantry, there are many other SAIC, local, and national resources related to food, housing, or financial, insecurity. Check out the Food, Financial, and Housing Insecurity section of our Student Support: Campus Resources page for more information.