Social Distancing

Maintain Physical Distance

Physical distancing is one of the most effective means of controlling the spread of COVID-19. Everyone should maintain a physical distance of at least six feet between themselves and others whenever possible.
To aid in physical distancing, campus spaces have been reorganized to allow for increased physical distancing, including updated capacity limits, updated layouts for rooms, and removal of some furniture. Campus spaces such as shops, studios, and computer labs, where moving furniture and equipment is more difficult, are now marked with distinct single-person work zones. Please follow all markings and signage to protect yourself and others.
Reducing occupant density in SAIC buildings is a priority as we support our primary objective of teaching and learning. Please report locations or examples of campus congestion to assist with identifying potential problem areas by contacting
Specific details on physical modifications, working and making practices, and schedule adjustments will be determined for each area of the School through a collaborative process involving faculty and staff members working with departmental return-to-work support teams, as outlined in Planning. Special attention will be given to shared spaces (e.g., lobbies, hallways, common spaces, meeting rooms, and classrooms).

To further assist in physical distancing, new guidelines for meetings, events, visitors, travel, and remote work have been established:

  • Conduct Meetings Online Wherever Possible. Wherever possible, faculty and staff meetings should take place online. In-person meetings should allow for at least six feet of space between all attendees.
  • In-Person Events on Campus Will Follow Health Guidance. In-person events on campus need to follow current Illinois, Chicago, and SAIC guidelines. Online events will be considered on a case-by-case basis with your area vice president.
  • Exhibitions on Campus Will Follow Health Guidance. Exhibitions on campus will continue; however, opening events and maximum room occupancies will be adjusted in accordance with Restore Illinois and City of Chicago current health guidance.
  • Review Expectations for Hosting Visitors. All visitors to the School’s non-public spaces must be accompanied by a member of the SAIC community throughout their visit. It is additionally required that all community members acquaint their guests, including contractors, with the shared responsibilities and make sure they are compliant. SAIC’s visitor policy will be updated to require that, in addition to accompanying a visitor at all times, the SAIC host creates a log of the visitor’s movements through campus.
  • Reconsider Travel. All nonessential travel sponsored by SAIC has been suspended for all faculty, staff, and students. Essential travel is defined by the vice president of each respective area.
    • The School does not regulate non-work travel; however, it is sincerely requested that you are mindful of personal travel given its potential risk to other SAIC community members. Those traveling are asked to follow the latest CDC guidelines upon return.
    • If you go through a period of self-isolation due to travel, please ensure you have essential items such as medications, laptops, or items related to your coursework or job duties, as you might need them before you are able to return to campus.
  • Develop New Protocols for Working and Learning. To ensure essential operations on campus, many staff and faculty will need to return to campus to complete their work in person. As we finalize the guidance for returning to work, we will communicate updates to the School’s remote work policy and procedures.